17 Gifts To Get Your Sister This Year (That You’ll Also Want For Yourself)

I have two sisters, and they're basically built in best friends. Sure, we grew up tip toe-ing out of each other's rooms with a stolen item of clothing in tow. But that's sisters, right? You love each other so much that you love what they love too. Including that denim jacket that happens to look good on all of you. There are a number of unique gifts for your sister this holiday season, but you might just find that you'll also want them for yourself. And so shortly thereafter your sister unwraps her gift, you might just be tip-toeing out of the room once again with it.

As much as we (read: I) want all of the things our sisters own, they're entitled to their own possessions. Ugh. I mean — great! Even though siblings typically share the same features and characteristics and styles as each other, at the end of the day we're all our own individual, unique person. Which is why your sister deserves something that's all about her. So try — if you can — to resist taking the very gift you gave your sister this holiday season and let her enjoy it. At least for a little bit before you go undercover on a James Bond style mission to retrieve it from her room.

Personalized Family Mugs

Personalized Family Mugs, $30-$160, Uncommon Goods

Give your sister something you can't steal — because it has her name and customized portrait on it. Or at least, if you decide to take it as your own, she'll know.

Catherine Rising X UO Palo Santo Crystal Bundle

Catherine Rising X UO Palo Santo Crystal Bundle, $18, Urban Outfitters

Stuff your sister's stocking with good vibes this holiday.

Raw And Order Socks In Vegetable Roll

Raw and Order Socks in Vegetable Roll, $12, ModCloth

If you and your sister spend many a night confiding in each other over sushi rolls, this is the perfect funny gift that also holds surprising sentimental value.

Shimmer Chain Locket Necklace

Shimmer Chain Locket Necklace, $58, Free People

Give your sister something that'll make her say, "wait, this is really nice." There's nothing like making your sister feel appreciated.

Felted Floral Beanie

Felted Floral Beanie, $78, Anthropologie

This hat is so cute and stylish that your sister might be wondering where she left it last after taking it off one night ... how mysterious.

My Family Cookbook

My Family Cookbook, $35, Uncommon Goods

This is the kind of gift you two can work on ~together~.

Crossed Faux Fur Slide

Crossed Faux Fur Slide, $29, Urban Outfitters

Slippers or sandals? They're the best option for a sister with a unique sense of style.

Wine Tasting Sail

Wine Tasting Sail, $101, Cloud 9 Living

This deal might only be available in New York City, but Cloud 9 Living offers many ~experiences~ like it in various cities around the U.S. It'll be an unforgettable unique experience for your sister. And if you're lucky, maybe she'll take you along.

Nohemi Cotton Dog Cosmetic Bag

Nohemi Cotton Dog Cosmetic Bag, $45, Ted Baker

Make your sister's cosmetic bag stand out from the others. This way she'll never "lose" her favorite products.

Birthstone Infinity Necklace

Birthstone Infinity Necklace, $38, Anthropologie

Unless you two are twins or share a birthday month, this necklace is ~all for her~. How selfless!

Blackbird Incense

Blackbird Incense, $30, The Wild Unknown

Pick the perfect essence for your sister. Ozo is said to banish negative energy and what are siblings if not protectors of their sister's well-being? This is the perfect defense against things that make your sister sad.

The Best Places To Travel Book

The Best Places to Travel Book, $32, ASOS

Inspire your sister's travel with a book that'll have her inching closer to the door every minute. Totally not intended to get rid of her!

Geometric Heel Ankle Boot

Geometric Heel Ankle Boot, $79, Urban Outfitters

You know your sister is special. Help her stand out from all the other boots with an eye catching heel.

Flannel PJ Set With Eye Mask

Flannel PJ Set with Eye Mask, $50, GAP

If your sister hasn't been clued in to the pajama set game, it's your duty as a sibling to help her out. Not only are set pajamas comfortable and make you look like you have your shit together, they make you feel like a grown, responsible, full out adult. And that is the gift you're ultimately giving.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, $69, Urban Outfitters

Your sister's Instagram level is probably ~influential~. Make it even more so with this Fujifilm Instax camera. And hey, maybe you'll get a sweet new profile picture.

Eat More Tacos Pennant

Eat More Tacos Pennant, $28, Pink Olive

Update the festivity of your sister's room. You'll definitely be thanked for the decor inspiration.

You Are Beautiful Pencil Set

You Are Beautiful Pencil Set, $12, Pink Olive

Don't ever let your sister forget it!