Karen From 'Will & Grace' Is All Of Us

by Amy Roberts

Ever since the supremely wonderful news was released that the Will & Grace revival will be happening on NBC in 2017, I've been a bundle of veritable excitement. Because honestly, right now, I need all the comedy I can get. And Will & Grace was, and is, one of my absolute favorite sources of those funnies. Though the show, overall, is fabulous and hilarious, I absolutely cannot wait to see Karen Walker in Will & Grace again. And that's because, for better or for worse, there's actually a lot that I think all of us can relate to in her character.

Sure, I can recognize that she can be a total monster. As well as having some seriously sketchy opinions, politics, and behavior, she also has a toxic aversion to sobriety. But there's still a lot to love about the character. Not only is she wonderfully confident, a surprisingly good friend, intelligent, sassy, and a great lover of leopard print (I'm so into it), but, yes, she also understands the great value of a well timed alcoholic drink. And that's something that I can absolutely get behind.

So drop a single olive in a martini glass, add lashings of vodka, and prepare to find out how, in many ways, Karen is all of us.

1. She Understands How To Make A Harry Potter Reference Work For Every Occasion

And, just like us, she knows that the best Harry Potter references are the salty ones.

2. She Totally Shares Your Secret To A Good Work Day

Tried and tested, people. Make it your mantra. Whisper it into your coffee. Sing it in your head when your co-workers start talking data.

3. She Also Shares Your Secret To A Bad Work Day

If the average work day is a race, then 5 p.m. is a finish line with a tall, crisp martini as the trophy at the end of it.

4. She Knows What Essentials To Pack For A Healthy Lunch

Wine is grapes, right? And they're full of nutrients. Healthy, giddy-inducing nutrients.

5. She's Isn't Afraid To Celebrate Her Body

Let's be real about this — all of us are strong, beautiful and powerful. And every once in a while it's totally cool to grab a hold of yourself and celebrate that fact.

6. She Owns All Of Her Diabolical Flaws

What I don't share in jet fuel or pharmaceutical enthusiasm, I more than make up for in my love for gin.

7. But She's Also Proud To Celebrate How Awesome She Is

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with reminding yourself of such truths every morning.

8. She's Equal Amounts Of Smart, Sassy, And Stylish

And I hope that all of us will continue to pair an inquisitive intellect and dynamic sense of confidence with lashings of leopard print forever.

9. She Has No Problem With Telling People Exactly How It Is

The people need to hear it, folks.

10. Her Flirting Game Was Always Totally Subtle And On-Point

Yup, I think all of us probably share that nuanced, classy flair. Right?

11. But Sometimes Her Flirtations Could Get Completely Out Of Hand

Ah, no. That's more like it.

12. She Can't Resist An Obvious Opportunity For A Good Dance

People who like to curtly inform you that "there's a time and a place for that kind of behavior" clearly have no disco in their soul.

13. She's Unafraid To Be Absolutely, Startlingly Clear About Where Her Boundaries Lie

I need this printed in large on a bright, neon t-shirt immediately, please.

14. She Knows How To Make An Impactful Entrance

Total first-day-at-new-job vibes.

15. She Knows That Total Honesty Is The Linchpin Of Every Strong Friendship

And, sure, sometimes that honesty could cross a line of decency. But it still comes from a place of love.

16. She'd Also Do Whatever It Took To Help Her Friends Out

Seriously, anything.

17. And, Ultimately, She Isn't Afraid To Show Her Love

Girl, same.

Honestly, she's kind of a hero. A monstrous, borderline alcoholic of a hero, sure. But a hero nonetheless.