18 Cartoon Tattoos For Lovers Of Animated Art — PHOTOS

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Few images translate better to ink than cartoon tattoos. They're bold, they're colorful, and they totally stand out, almost popping against your skin. While the minimalist, linear tattoo trend is at an all-time high as of late, an animated art tattoo will stand the test of time longer than tiny mini tats, and will still look fabulous and bright after decades pass.

Scroll through Instagram tattoo accounts, and you'll find hundreds of minuscule little flowers, hearts, arrows, and geometric shapes (shout-out to Jon Boy, who tattooed Kendall Jenner and is pretty much the king of this trend). But something about cartoon tattoos makes them so lovable. Maybe it's because Disney characters are so damn cute. Whether it's a minion, Zelda, Mario, TMNT, or SpongeBob, cartoon tattoos just make me want to say "awww."

Cartoon tats are also a great opportunity to experiment with color — another tattoo trend that's on the rise right now. Color tattoos means way more fun, especially when it comes to animated ink. Bright hues make them instantly recognizable, and a fantastic conversation starter.

Essentially, cartoon ink is like wearing a badge of honor for your favorite characters. These tattoos will no doubt give you some major envy if you're super into animated art.

1. Courage

Who remembers this little guy?

2. Minions

OK, seriously, how cute is this one?

3. Sonic

Those sneakers, though.


Leonardo, is that you?

5. Jack Skellington

I've got goosebumps from this one.

6. SpongeBob

F is for friends who do stuff together....

7. Homer

His thoughts are way too accurate.

8. Futurama Lovers

This one's way too much fun.

9. A Little Message

I feel you.

10. Hobbes

My heart is melting over this one.

11. Mickey

I'm digging his outfit.

12. Tweety

OK, this one takes the cake.

13. SpongeBob Pt. 2

I adore how cute and tiny this one is.

14. Aladdin

Nailed the expression.

15. Cheshire Cat

This one creeps me out just looking at it.

16. Yo Gabba Gabba

I'm digging the bright yellow on this one.

17. Wombles

Who remembers these?!

18. Donald Duck

Complete with a helmet.

Whether it's cute, scary, wacky, or a combination of all three, cartoon ink can be so much fun. Bright and bold, I'm definitely considering this type of tattoo for my next one.

Image: Andrew Burton/Getty Images