18 Father’s Day Gifts You Can Buy This Year That Are Under $30

I've been taking an unofficial survey over the last few years and I've come to the conclusion that dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. (Sorry, dads, but it's true.) Every year, as Father's Day and their dads' birthdays roll around, I listen as my friends lament the gift-buying process. Their fathers insist that they don't want anything, or else it seems like they already have everything they need. If I had a nickel for every one of my friends who defaulted to a new tie for Dad, my own father would have a boat of his own by now. In the interest of public service, I've compiled a list of cheap Father's Day 2018 gifts you can get for under $30.

Chances are that your dad will be perfectly thrilled no matter what you pick up for him this June 17, but hopefully these ideas will help you diversify your typical Dad-focused purchases. Regardless of what you buy, though, consider the value of quality time as well. It's free — unless you're treating lunch, which you really should — and is probably a much hotter commodity to any father figure that anything they can unwrap on the big day.

Wireless Phone Charger

Promise Me, Dad

Personalized Canvas Toiletry Bag

Anything Finder

Portable Table Tennis Set


Body Bar

Mini Quad With Camera

Custom Golf Ball

Personalized Candle

Face Moisturizer

Engraved Ten-In-One Game Set

Fishing Rod

Personalized Duffel Bag

Swiss Army Knife

Grillmaster Apron

Long-Sleeved Half-Zip

Flask Gift Set