18 Creepy Museums Around The World That Will Give You Nightmares
Museum Of Death

With Halloween only a few weeks away, spooky vibes are all around us. We're surrounded by creepy decorations, scary movies, and weird urban legends, and it's hard to deny the fun in scaring yourself by taking part in all of these October activities. But there's one thing you probably haven't done yet to get in the Halloween mood, and that's visit a terrifying museum. There are so many creepy museums to visit around the world, and while they're open year round and will always be interesting to check out, it's always a little more fun to visit them in the weeks leading up to Oct. 31.

The list of museums below are on all sorts of goosebump-inducing topics. There are museums on mythical legends, like vampires, aliens, witches, and even the Mothman. Then there are places to visit that are based on real-life spooky stuff, like skeletons, instruments of torture, funerals, and mummies, just to name a few. Whatever you're into, there's probably a museum for it! And if you're ready to get totally creeped out and look at some mildly traumatic things, then you're probably going to want to schedule a visit at one of the museums below.

This is your chance to learn some history and interesting information, while also seeing the facts up close and personal. You can get a dose of culture while celebrating the scariest month of the year. Check out some of the creepy museums around the world below, and be prepared to start planning trips around visiting them.


The Mummy Museum In Guanajuato, Mexico

The Mummy Museum, also called Museo de Las Momias, is located in Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage site where hundreds of bodies were burned in the Santa Paula Pantheon's crypts during the mid-19th century. At some point, it was discovered that the bodies had been mummified through a natural process, probably due to the climate. The corpses are now on display in the museum, and as you can imagine, it's pretty creepy.


Museum Of Medieval Torture Instruments In Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're visiting Amsterdam, you'll probably want to make a stop at the popular Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments, also simply called the Torture Museum. The place gives you a look at the darkest history of Europe, people were regularly tortured and executed. On view are decapitation swords, inquisition chairs, and more. You'll also learn about modern torture in today's world, which is perhaps even spookier.


UFO Museum And Research Center In Roswell, New Mexico


If you believe in aliens, the International UFO Museum & Research Center will really creep you out — or it will make you believe. The museum is there to educate the public on The Roswell Incident, and it includes a collection and preservation of materials and information related to the 1947 incident and other unexplained phenomena related to UFO research. The Roswell Incident refers to the day when an unidentified flying object crashed at a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. Although the government said it was just a weather balloon, many don't believe that.


Clown Hall Of Fame And Research Center In Baraboo, Wisconsin


If you have a fear of clowns, you'll probably want to avoid this museum — unless you're into mild forms of torture, that is. The Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center is dedicated to the stories behind the famous clowns of the United States, both amusing and terrifying.


Museum Of Death In Los Angeles, California

Manny Crisostomo/Sacramento Bee/MCT via Getty Images; Sacramento Bee/Tribune News Service/Getty Images

There are few museums scarier than one dedicated entirely to death. The Museum of Death has the world's largest collection of serial killer artwork, antique funeral ephemera, mortician and coroners instruments, Manson family items, pet death taxidermy, crime scene photographs, and more. The Pogo the Clown shoes worn by serial killer John Wayne Gacy are on display in the museum, and they're particularly creepy to look at.


Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum In Fort Mitchell, Kentucky


There is something extremely creepy about a ventriloquist dummy, and if you don't believe that, you probably will after visiting the Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum. The museum is the only one of its kind, and displays more than 800 dummies, photos, playbills, and historical books from William Shakespeare Berger's collection.


Salem Witch Museum In Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, Massachusetts is known for being the place where colonial-era women were put on trial for allegedly being "witches," then killed. The town plays up their history and is interesting to visit during October. One of the creepiest attractions is the Salem Witch Museum, which allows visitors to get a glimpse of original trial documents and see the real history behind the events of the time.


Jack The Ripper Museum In London, England


Jack the Ripper was a notorious serial killer who stalked his victims through dark streets and alleys before killing them. The Jack the Ripper Museum in London allows you to get a better look at him. You can take a "Jack the Ripper Walk," where you can follow in his footsteps, seeing recreated scenes from his crimes and getting the perspective of the victims. You can read old newspaper accounts of the murders, see original autopsy photos, and more. It's definitely a terrifying experience.


Meguro Parasitological Museum In Tokyo, Japan

Do bugs make you feel like your skin is crawling? Then the Meguro Parasitological Museum is definitely going to freak you out. It's dedicated to researching parasites all over the world. There are exhibits that show parasite lifecycles and what kind of symptoms they can cause for humans. It's educational, but not for those who get queasy easily.


National Museum Of Funeral History In Houston, Texas


Obviously, an entire museum about funerals makes this list. The National Museum of Funeral History has America's largest collection of authentic, historical funeral service items, and gives you the chance to learn more about caskets and coffins, hearses, and historical funerals.


Glore Psychiatric Museum In St. Joseph, Missouri


The Glore Psychiatric Museum is dedicated to the 130-year history of the St. Joseph hospital, which includes years of mental health treatment. It's located on the grounds of the original hospital and exhibits show you surgical tools, treatment equipment, nurse uniforms, artwork from former patients, and personal notes. It's certainly spooky.


Mütter Museum In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Just in case you weren't clear on what to expect, the Mütter Museum's website says, "We invite you to explore our world and become Disturbingly Informed." The museum focuses on medical oddities and mysteries and includes things like skull collections featuring 129 human skulls, Civil War medicine, slides from Albert Einstein's brain, and more. It's definitely informative, but it's also spooky.


The Mothman Museum In Point Pleasant, W.V.

The Mothman Museum is dedicated to the mythical Mothman, an urban legend that has been around since 1966. Many witnesses have claimed they've seen the Mothman, and there have been movies made about him. In the museum, you can see documents written by eyewitnesses, photos of West Virginia's Silver Bridge collapse that was linked to the legend, and more.


Museum Of Vampires And Legendary Creatures In Paris, France

The Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures was created by Jacques Sirgent, who dedicated much of his life to researching vampires, esoterism, and occidental folklore. The museum features a spooky history of Paris and the cemeteries where vampiric rituals were once practiced, as well as cannibal sorcery, medieval Christian hierarchy. There are collectibles, old books, and art that will totally creep you out.


Loch Ness Centre And Exhibition In Drumnadrochit, Scotland

At this point, you've likely heard of the Loch Ness monster. In Scotland, there is a Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition that allows you to learn so much more. The presentation takes you through seven themed areas that cover 500 million years of history, myth, and legend that are undeniably creepy.


Morbid Anatomy Museum In Brooklyn, New York

Just the name of this museum, the Morbid Anatomy Museum, sounds terrifying. You can see taxidermied creatures, lots of pictures, and get a cup of coffee. There are also lots of events, like taxidermy classes and lectures about Hannibal Lecter, so make sure to check out their calendar.


Museum Of Witchcraft And Magic In Boscasatle, Cornwall, U.K.

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is, obviously, about witches. You can see glass spirit bottles, skulls, witches' charms, and other pagan artifacts. You can even book a witches' workshop. There's also lantern-lit evening tours, which make the whole experience even scarier.


International Cryptozoology Museum In Portland, Maine

You know all those terrifying urban legends you've heard about for years, like Big Foot? Well, the International Cryptozoology Museum might make you believe in them for real. The museum explores and shows off evidence that they might be real. There is a rare, carnivorous marsupial replica, exhibits of monsters, and more.