18 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up How You Feel About The First Day Of Fall

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

After the summer swelter of the past few months, you're likely looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes, boots and sweaters, the smell of leaves, and that crisp bite in the air that always accompanies the beginning of autumn. Whatever you favorite part of fall, there's a meme for that, and these first day of fall memes are perfect for expressing all of your fall feels on social media. While you likely spend all winter wishing for summer, by the end of August you're ready to trade in rosé all day for hard cider Sunday funday.

For many people, fall is the best of the four seasons. It's full of possibility and new beginnings, amazing food, brand new fashion trends, and it's the season that kicks off the fall and winter holidays. No mater how great your summer was, fall allows for a clean slate as you trade in your tank tops and flip flops for tall boots and leather jackets. It's a magical period before the days get too short and the weather too cold. It's a cornucopia of vibrant colors as trees let go of their leaves and blanket the ground in a sea of color. Unless of course you live in the south or the west, then you probably have a lot of fall FOMO. However you feel about fall, there's a meme to meet your needs.


Bring The Temp Down, Down, Down

Despite the start of fall, the weather woman hasn't gotten the message yet. Can we bring that temp down puh-lease? I've got a closet fall of sweaters that are dying to be worn.


Leaves Are Falling

While summer is for catching raindrops on your tongue, fall is for grabbing leaves with your thumbs.


I Was Born Ready

Fall, I'm so glad to see you. I've been waiting for you patiently all summer.


Fall Is Fresh AF

Fall is a beautiful season of fresh starts.


Fall Fashion

Did I mention the clothes?


Because, Sweaters

Liberate your sweaters from their closets ASAP and have yourself a 30-second dance party while you're at it.


Please Let There Be Pie ...

For every meal.


And, Full Harvest Moon Fever

Don't forget your fall full harvest moon rituals to bring your dead dreams back to life.


Can I Get A Hell Yeah?

One door closes and another one opens.


Goodbye Rosé, Hello Hard Cider

It's time to swap rosé for hard cider!


Did Someone Say Scarves?

If you can't find your fall scarves, just grab a throw blanket from your couch like Lenny Kravitz did. #FallFashionGoals


Let's Not Forget The Hats!

As seen at New York Fashion Week ...



Summer, it's not you, it's me. I think we should take a break from each other. Let's agree to meet again in nine months and pick this relationship up where we left off.


Only 40 Days Until ...



For Those In The Warm-Weather States

May you enjoy a reprieve from the heat and humidity.


Bring On The Pumpkin-Flavored Baked Goods

Seriously, everyone is excited for pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin wine, and pumpkin spiced lattes. And if you're not psyched, please keep it to yourself. Don't ruin this special time for the rest of us.


Maybe You Need A New Fall Tattoo

Just sayin', if you were to get a new fall tattoo, this is a pretty boss design.


Happy Dance

Because the dumpster-fire summer of 2018 is finally over. Let's start fresh Sept. 22 and all agree to live our best lives this fall. Deal?