18 Hilarious Products On Amazon You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

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Amazon has a pretty broad selection of things to purchase on their site. But, along with the useful comes the weird (and I'm talking really weird). I've found a handful of hilarious products on Amazon that you won't believe actually exist. I know, because I had to double-take on most of them, and read the product descriptions at least a few times to know what I was really looking at.

Once you head down this rabbit hole, you can lose hours scrolling through the pages of Amazon, and I, in fact, did lose an hour doing so. But I came across the funniest items I've ever seen. There are a lot of things in this roundup that you probably already use every day, but in the case of these particular products, either their packaging or the way the product is presented, makes them, uh, unusual to say the least.

If you like sleeping on a shrimp-shaped neck pillow, showering with bacon scented soap or appreciate the sweet smell of unicorn farts, then these items are for you. If not, you'll at least get a laugh out of it while you scroll through. Either way, enjoy the wonderfully weird world of Amazon.

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