45 Weird But Utterly Brilliant Items Trending On Amazon Now

Listen, I'll be straight with you: I am a massive fan of online shopping. And hands down, all the weird yet amazing things trending on Amazon are my favorite products to write about. And that's the fault of my mother.

When I was a kid, she'd always buy the most bizarre products from magazines and websites, and while all of us were deeply perplexed when she opened the box to show us, somewhere around week two, we'd always change our tune. Turns out that her weird impulse buys were actually pretty darn useful. Except the light-up dolphin mobile; we never found a use for that.

Nowadays, Amazon is the place to look if you're searching for weird trending items, and that's because in addition to seeing which products have been selling like hotcakes for the past few days, you can also search by category, department, and rating. Plus, the people in the reviews sections are normally hilarious and decidedly insightful.

Check out these surprisingly useful trending products from Amazon, because if other people are buying them, there's a solid chance the rest of us might be missing out.

1. This Aptly Named Tool For Sushi Enthusiasts

The Sushi Bazooka, $12, Amazon

If you love sushi, but you're a bit intimidated by the process, the The Sushi Bazooka is definitely something for you. All you need to do is load your favorite ingredients into the tray, and it comes out as a neat roll that's ready to cut.


2. These Stickers That Help You Find Anything

Dynotag Tracking Stickers, $20, Amazon

People are loving these Dynotag tracking stickers -- especially people who tend to lose things. Each tag has a specific code that only the owner can access on the web to track the items using GPS. They're weatherproof, durable, battery-free, and they come in a pack of 12 stickers.


3. Because "Comfortable" Should Translate To "A Shark Ate My Torso"

Handcrafted Shark Tail Blanket, $11, Amazon

Odds are you've seen the mermaid tail blanket, but now people are onto this badass shark tail one. It's handcrafted with super cozy wool yarn, and it fits just like a sleeping bag so you stay warm, bundled, and moderately terrifying all throughout the winter.


4. Film Your Own Music Videos With This Selfie-Karaoke Stick

Selfie Mic, $10, Amazon

Yep, this Selfie Mic is trending like crazy. It combines a selfie stick and karaoke so you can make your own music videos with your friends (or by yourself?), and it comes with a fully-licensed catalog of thousands of songs that are updated daily.


5. Smear Snail Goo On Your Face

Deep Moisturizing Rich Snail Mask, $18 (Pack of 10), Amazon

These cotton sheet masks are made with sail mucin, collagen, elastin, and glycolic acid to provide a heavy dose of moisture to dry skin. It's great for most skin types, and keeps skin feeling hydrated and firm.


6. This Amazing Device That Cleanses Pores

SOLO Mio Sonic Face Cleanser and Massager Brush, $38, Amazon

This weird thumb-looking thing (called the Solo Mio Sonic Brush) is actually made with 100 percent organic silicone fingers that gently pulsate to remove all impurities and debris from your pores. It's apparently way more gentle than a brush, and more hygienic, too.


7. Channel Bill Nye At Home With These Crystal Growing Kits

Mega Crystal Growing Lab, $40, Amazon

Amateur geologists, unite! This crystal growing experiment kit provides the compounds and mixtures you need to grow your own sparkly crystals in a variety of color options at home. Show off your shimmering wonders in the included light-up display case to impress your friends with your scientific prowess.


8. Treat Yourself To The World's Best Skin Care

Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, $32, Amazon

The beauty world is abuzz over Korean skin care trends right now, like this facial cleansing stick made of fermented rose extract. Shaped like a giant Chapstick, this stick by Su:m37 forms a gentle lather on wet skin to clean away impurities and leave skin looking fresh and clear. One reviewer summed it up nicely: "Best. Cleanser. Ever."


9. Add Sparkly Magic To Your Desk

Unicorn Tape Dispenser, $11, Amazon

Life isn't always rainbows and unicorns, but have no fear: Your tape still can be. Take a pass on the boring clear stuff and invite happiness into your life with this unicorn-shaped tape dispenser. It comes with two rolls of rainbow tape, making your office supplies more colorful and unique than ever.


10. Have The Crispiest Cereal All Morning Long

Obol Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl, $15, Amazon

The inventors of the Obol don't like soggy cereal — so much so that they designed this unique cereal bowl with separate wet and dry compartments to keep their precious cereal from turning into milk mush. To keep your cereal as crisp and crunchy as nature intended, add the milk to one side and the cereal to the other so you can combine them one bite at a time.


11. A Heated Knife Specifically For All Your Butter Needs

Asixx Rechargeable Heated Butter Knife, $20, Amazon

Not a fan of cold butter that just rips up your toast? This heated knife takes three minutes to heat up, and then you'll have soft, warm butter on whatever you want to spread it on. It's got a rechargeable battery that will last up to 15 hours and it comes with a USB cable.


12. A Tool That Makes Pizza Night Even Easier

Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors, $30, Amazon

Pizza is a crowd pleaser, but all that cheesy goodness can get a little messy. This clever, stainless steel pizza slicer combines scissors and a silicone spatula to cut through and serve even the gooiest of pizzas with ease. The heat-resistant tool doubles as a sewing scissor that slices through fabrics with ease.


13. Naturally Brighten Your Smile

Eco Compassion Wild Olive Miswak Sticks, $16 (10 Sticks), Amazon

If your pearly whites are starting to lose their pearl, it may be time to set aside harsh whitening toothpastes and gels and get yourself a miswak whitening brush. This natural teeth whitener comes from the Arak tree and is popular abroad, but Americans are catching on to its whitening, cleaning, and freshening powers.


14. This LED Lamp Folds Up Smaller Than Your Phone

Omnilight LED Desk Lamp, $18, Amazon

This foldable LED desk lamp makes for an awesome desk lamp or emergency light. It's entirely rechargeable and folds up into a little tiny square smaller than your phone, so you can use it as a reading light or a flashlight.


15. Jump Out Of Bed Quickly, Thanks To Runaway Alarm

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels, $40, Amazon

Can't get out of bed in the morning? Me neither. Those of us who love the snooze button need this: An alarm clock on wheels that, upon going off, will propel itself off your nightstand and swerve, spin, zig, and zag around your room until you finally admit defeat and get yourself out of bed for the day.


16. Or, Choose A Gentler Wake Up

Philips Wake-Up Light, $104, Amazon

If chasing alarm clocks on wheels isn't your thing, consider a more gentle start to your day with this Philips wakeup light. It wakes you up gradually — no blaring alarm — with colored, simulated "sunrise" light that gets brighter as your wakeup time nears. Add relaxing nature sounds to make the experience even more zen.


17. This Clock For Math Enthusiasts

Metal Mathematics Pop Quiz Clock, $25, Amazon

As an English major, this Metal Mathematics pop quiz clock is my worst nightmare, but tons of math enthusiasts seem to love it. Each hour is marked with a simple math problem, and the product description says, "If you can read this clock, you are without a doubt a geek."


18. Fuel Your Mason Jar Addiction

Mason Jar Measuring Cups, $14, Amazon

Who loves mason jars enough to get measuring cups in the shape of them? Me. The answer is me. With four distinct cups that stack together to create this cute counter top decoration, you can't go wrong -- and they're dishwasher safe, too.


19. Turn All Your Ancient Speakers Bluetooth

Unify Roverbeats Bluetooth Receiver, $22, Amazon

If you've got a set of speakers from ten years ago that you wish were Bluetooth-enabled, complain no more. This trending Unify Roverbeats bluetooth receiver plugs into traditional speakers so you can use them wirelessly with your phone or device. It's also lightweight, compact, and easy to tuck away out of sight.


20. Trim And Groom Your Beard With Ease

The Beard Bro, $3, Amazon

This double-sided comb called the The Beard Bro allows you to trim and cut all hairs the same length, and it creates a symmetrical curve for shaving your cheeks and neck.


21. A Compact Way To Keep Your Toothbrush Sanitary

Violife Toothbrush Sanitizer, $18, Amazon

You probably don't want to know too much about the germs festering on your toothbrush, but suffice it to say, it's pretty gross. Luckily, you can zap away 99.9 percent of bacteria, fungi, and even mold (I told you! You don't want to know) growing on your toothbrush with this compact toothbrush sanitizer in just seven minutes. Cleaner toothbrush, cleaner mouth.


22. Spray, Go, And Leave No Tracks

Poo-Pourri, $13, Amazon

On the bestseller list this week, you've got Poo-Pourri, which is a pocket-sized spray that coats the top layer of toilet bowl water. The natural ingredients lock all smells under the surface, so no one will ever know that you did anything in there but powder your nose.


23. Pick The Most Supportive Sports Bra Out There

Glamorise No-Bounce Full-Support Sports Bra, $28-30, Amazon

It's hard to get your workout on when your boobs are bouncing all over the place, so a no-bounce sports bra is essential when it's sweating time. This one's got moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable and dry as well as an attached panel to keep your chest from spilling out the top, so go right ahead and sign up for that high-intensity kickboxing class.


24. Get Spa-Like Results From Your Own Home

TONYMOLY Egg Steam Balm, $14, Amazon

The Korean beauty scene crushes it again with this pore-cleansing steam balm. Massage it onto your face and in just a few minutes the self-heating balm changes color as it reacts with your skin's sebum and draws impurities — think blackheads, dirt, and oil — from your pores. The result is softer, smoother skin with less visible pores.


25. We Dare You To Find A Cup This Lid Doesn't Fit

IPHOX Silicone Cup Lids, $11 (6 Lids), Amazon

Drinking beverages on the go is all but unavoidable (hello, morning caffeine), but with this cup lid made from food-grade silicone, you can avoid the inevitable spills. Slide it over nearly any glass or cup to form an air-tight seal, and you're good to go.


26. Stick This Thing In A Glass Of Water And Go

Cool Mist Travel Humidifier Stick, $10, Amazon

If your nose stings in the winter, this trending cool mist travel humidifier stick is a great idea. Simply plug one end into any USB port and stick the other end in a bottle or glass of water. It pulls the moisture out from the container and into the air, helping to relieve you of allergies, dryness, or cold symptoms.


27. If Your Popsicles Aren't Dinos, You're Doing It Wrong

Zoku Dino Pop Molds, $24, Amazon

This thing is pretty self-explanatory, and people are flipping over it for a great reason. The Zoku dino pop mold lets you make Popsicles in the shape of dinosaurs. Each one has a different adorable design, and people love that they're insanely easy to prep, easy to freeze, and easy to clean.


28. Fight Off Your Cold With A Cup Of Tea

Hey Girl Feel Better Tea, $17, Amazon

I love it when my tea talks to me in the form of motivational phrases. People are super excited right now about this caffeine-free Hey Girl Feel Better Tea. It's absolutely delicious, loaded with healthy herbs, and actually helps you to feel better with a boost of Vitamin C. Consequently, happy reviewers are saying things like, "This tea has fantastic ingredients to ensure that you fight off that nasty cold you may have or feel like you are getting!"


29. Master The Law Of Attraction With This Planner

Law Of Attraction Planner, $30, Amazon

Loads of people have seen Law of Attraction documentaries like The Secret, but people are still having trouble with the execution of it. This Law Of Attraction planner is selling like crazy right now because it helps with productivity, goal-setting, gratitude, to-do lists, and everything else you need to get from point A to point B as far as your ideal life.


30. Grow Herbs Anywhere With Minimal Skill

Smart Herb Garden, $100, Amazon

Zero green thumb abilities? No worries. This weirdly futuristic Smart herb garden actually requires no skills whatsoever. All you need to do is add water, plug it in, and let your plants grow anywhere with the LED grow light bulb. Best of all, you've got your own homegrown herbs at the end of it.


31. Solve Your Laundry Mistakes With This Simple Solution

Unshrinkit Solution, $12, Amazon

It's happened to the best of us: Your favorite sweater accidentally got thrown in the dryer, only to come out two sizes too small. Have no fear: Unshrinkit is here. It does exactly what the name implies: After a laundry mishap, the product essentially works like a hair relaxer to help the garment's fibers stretch back to their original size, meaning you no longer have to reluctantly give away that beloved sweater to your middle school cousin.


32. This Sound Machine Fits In Any Bag You Pack

LectroFan Micro Sound Machine, $28, Amazon

Don't be fooled by this portable sound machine's miniature stature: It's powerful enough to drown out all the pesky noises and sounds that interrupt your beauty rest. Choose from 10 different non-looping white noise, fan, or ocean soundstories to lull you off to dreamland peacefully, whether you're at home or traveling.


33. This Simple Thing For Stretching Out Your Body

Infinity Strap (S - XL), $23, Amazon

The Infinity Strap is in fact exactly what it sounds like: a strap in the shape of an infinity symbol. That being said, people are in love with it because it's a simple and timeless way to stretch out your body during yoga, dance, strength training, or physical therapy. It comes in multiple different sizes and colors, and it's easy to grip and comfortable to use.


34. Sleep To The Sound Of Whooshing Air

Marpac White Noise Machine, $45, Amazon

The Marpac white noise machine sits on your bedside table and makes a noise like whoosing air. People cannot get enough of it. It's a great resource for people who have trouble sleeping, because constant ongoing noises have been shown to relax the brain and block out sudden disruptive noises that wake you up. The volume and tone are both adjustable, and it comes in three different colors.


35. This Epic Night Light That Projects Space Onto Your Ceiling

Constellation Night Light, $22, Amazon

Is this constellation night light for children? Probably. Do I want it? You bet. It projects all kinds of space-related shapes onto the ceiling, and it makes for romantic mood-lighting or an intriguing night light.


36. Hold Your Frozen Meat Under The Water

Thaw Claw, $12, Amazon

This genius little gadget called the Thaw Claw holds your frozen meat underneath the water so that it thaws quickly, safely, and without wasting running water. It's got a suction cup that sticks to the bottom of your sink as well as durable fingers that fit just about any meat package, and reviewers are saying things like, "I'm actually really impressed with this. It's one of those products you don't really think you need until you actually have it and then wonder why you didn't get it sooner."


37. Style Your Drinks With The Cutest Ice Cubes

Dachshund Silicone Ice Cube Mold, $8, Amazon

Sure, you could use regular ice cubes, but why would you when you can have dog-shaped ones? This silicone ice cube tray has mini dachshunds molds, so when you need to add a little bite (bad pun intended) to your drink, look no further.


38. Everyone With A Bag Needs This Genius Clip

The Instant Bag Hanger, $16, Amazon

The Instant Bag Hanger, where have you been all my life?! This simple little clip can hold up to 33 pounds, stores on the strap of your bag, and folds out to hang your bag anywhere -- tables, chairs, bars, you name it -- while you're out in public. That means no more cradling your bag in your lap or putting it on the dirty floor.


39. For Those Lengthy E-mails Sent From Your Phone

Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, $29, Amazon

For those times when you absolutely have to type out a lengthy e-mail from your phone, there's the foldable Bluetooth keyboard. It's ultra slim and pocket-sized when it's folded, but it's actually a moderately sized keyboard that wirelessly connects to all your gadgets and devices. The rechargeable battery lasts a really long time, too.


40. Trendy Because It's Chalkboard

Chalkboard Globe, $26, Amazon

Are globes outdated? Probably, but this chalkboard globe is chalkboard, so that makes it pertinent again. Make your mark on the world with this wanderlust-inspired desk decoration — color in the places you've been, plan your next trip, or give it to your favorite traveler as a sophisticated gift.


41. Deter Bugs Without Slathering Yourself With Repellent

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet, $13, Amazon

Never worry about applying insect repellant again — wear this mosquito repellent bracelet and you'll always be protected against pests and bites. The adjustable bracelet is made from soft silicone and is 100 percent natural — made with a combination of citronella, lemon, and mint, with absolutely no DEET.


42. This Weird Cushion That Actually helps With Pain

Orthopedic Memory Foam Cushion, $50, Amazon

This orthopedic memory foam cushion does not look normal, but it's that shape because it's designed to reduce pressure on the lower back, straighten your spine, caress your tailbone, and comfort your butt in wonderful, breathable memory foam.


43. Never Again, Horde Of Fruit Flies; Never Again

Chefast Food Cover Tents, $15 (4 Pack), Amazon

People are apparently all about the genius kitchen gadgets this week. These Chefast Food Covers are made from a durable yet flexible mesh that pops up and out to protect your food from bugs. They work for outdoor picnics as well as warding away fruit flies from your countertop bananas, and since they're washable, come in a pack with a variety of sizes, and include a carrying case, people love them.


44. This Wearable Sauna That People Are Flipping Over

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer, $21-$30, Amazon

If you're looking to get a little further with your fitness routine, this Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is apparently crazy effective. It wraps around your torso to increase your core temperature, almost like a wearable sauna, resulting in more sweat, better detoxification, and more calories burned.


45. Microwave Your Way To A Fresh Dinner

Microwavable Steamer, $10, Amazon

Yes, we all know we should eat more vegetables, but the prep and cleanup involved are enough to make anyone reach for a pizza at the end of the day — unless they have this microwavable steamer, that is. Simply load it up with fresh veggies (or fish, or even both), add water to the lower compartment, and pop it in the microwave. Within minutes, you'll have freshly steamed food that's perfect on its own...or as a side to that pizza you ordered.

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