45 Weird But Utterly Brilliant Items Trending On Amazon Now

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Listen, I'll be straight with you: I am a massive fan of online shopping. And hands down, all the weird yet amazing things trending on Amazon are my favorite products to write about. And that's the fault of my mother.

When I was a kid, she'd always buy the most bizarre products from magazines and websites, and while all of us were deeply perplexed when she opened the box to show us, somewhere around week two, we'd always change our tune. Turns out that her weird impulse buys were actually pretty darn useful. Except the light-up dolphin mobile; we never found a use for that.

Nowadays, Amazon is the place to look if you're searching for weird trending items, and that's because in addition to seeing which products have been selling like hotcakes for the past few days, you can also search by category, department, and rating. Plus, the people in the reviews sections are normally hilarious and decidedly insightful.

Check out these surprisingly useful trending products from Amazon, because if other people are buying them, there's a solid chance the rest of us might be missing out.

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