18 Lies All Millennials Were Told Growing Up

There are certain moments when you get older that you realize you've become a full-fledged *adult* — like when your CPA tells your broke behind you owe the IRS $5,000 or the person you dated for the last six months stops answering your texts for no obvious reason. It's these same moments when you feel vastly unprepared for what life is throwing you at. Reddit recently discussed lies millennials were told growing up; and if you ever experienced long-term unemployment even with a shiny new diploma, or a burdening struggle to save even a tiny amount of money on the side, you'll be able to relate.

Before anyone reminds us that we're overly sensitive, whiny, spoiled, self-entitled snowflakes, know that we're not throwing ourselves a pity party, here. Millennials don't sit around the campfire lamenting the challenges we face and wondering why our lives are so terrible. What some of us will argue, though, is that the algebra lessons and physics classes we were required to take growing up didn't prep us for how hard it would be to find a well-paying job, a suitable place to live, and a healthy relationship.

All of life is a learning lesson, and no person — young or old — is without their struggles. But let's talk about these misconceptions that many of us were taught growing up.