18 Punny Instagram Captions About Your BFF For National Best Friends Day

Andrew Zeah/Bustle

Chances are that your bestie is a co-star on your Instagram. There's likely no picture they're not featured in. But on Jun. 8, prepare to give them a starring role on your social media channels. It's National Best Friends Day, and there are plenty of punny National Best Friends Day Instagram captions you can use to reflect the goofiness between you two — or three.

Forget your full length mirror, it's your best friend that shows you your best reflection. Best friends hype each other up. They empower the other. Cheer each other on. And when hearts break, pad a shoulder with absorbent tissues. Everyday is Best Friends Day, really. Especially if you have one half of a heart locked around your neck and your bestie has the other. But on Jun. 8 it's officially an ~unofficial holiday~. But who really cares about what's official and not? You wouldn't want to miss any chance to shout how amazing your besties are from the top of your Instagram.

You can express your gratitude for their presence in your life through sweet, serious words or you can save that for wine filled slumber parties. Keep your captions punny this Best Friends Day all the while still letting your besties know that they are your everything bagel and you love them a latte.

"I don't just love you a little, I love you a latté."

"We spend a lot of time eating together and I want you to know I really value your friend-chip."

"You're my otter half."

"You're one in a melon."

"Lettuce never stop being best friends."

"Orange you glad we're friends?"

"Donut even think you can come between me and my best friend."

"I'd be muffin without you."

"I'd like to make a toast to my butter half."

"You are my everything bagel."

"You are the berry best of them."

"You'll bee in my life forever. Together we are seriously buzz worthy."

"Udon know how much you mean to me."

"You're my best friend to dine with, you're my favorite tastebud."

"I'm so grapeful you're my best friend."

"We're totally mint to be."

"You are always the most radishing person and our friendship can't be beet."

"I lava you so much, especially when we erupt in laughter!"