18 Punny Royal Wedding Instagram Captions To Post When You Have Fairytale FOMO

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's officially May, which on the East Coast apparently means nothing in terms of the weather, but across the pond, in England, the mark of May is a pretty big deal. May 19, 2018 is fast approaching and our wait time to finally see Megan Markle marry Prince Harry and become a real life fairytale princess, is so soon I can taste the FOMO. If you too are wondering how you'll possibly celebrate the royal nuptials from this side of the pond, I've got a simple answer: Instagram. Not only can you watch the whole thing unfold on Instagram via the Kensington Palace account, but you can post your own royal wedding content, too. But if you do choose to be a royal curator, don't forget to round up some punny royal wedding Instagram captions, because what's a great Instagram post without a great caption? Hint: horrible.

Maybe you'll be posting pictures of you and your friends dressed up to watch the royal wedding coverage online. Or maybe you'll be posting pictures of your starkly contrasted reality, aka, you'll be in your favorite sweat pants (that have a variety unidentifiable stains), watching that Netflix doc about cults in the United States, while hanging out with your new plant, which is the closest thing you've got to a royal husband — OK sorry, I'm talking about myself here — whatever you're doing, make sure you accompany your post with a hilarious punny caption. Because if you can't marry a prince, at least you can laugh about it, amirite?

Because you likely don't have time to spend hours on the internet looking for punny and funny Instagram captions that are appropriate for the royal wedding, I've done it for you. I mean, honestly with "throne" and "heir" in the royal vocab — this event is just practically begging for your puns. So here are some of the royal puns I'll be using, come May 19. Warning, they are just as cheesy and ridiculously cringe-worthy as you could possibly imagine, so just go with it!

1. "I'm feeling royally left out of the wedding."

2. "From heir to eternity."

3. "Gone with the Windsor."

4. "I'll be heir with bells on."

5. "You can see the Markles fly between the royal couple all the way from the United Sates."

6. "Happy days are heir again at Windsor!"

7. "This wedding is happening, reign or shine."

8. "Throne your arms around me, Harry!"

9. "Cuz I see Markles fly, whenever you smile."

10. "Wish you were heir. "

11. "I really hope England gives Megan the royal treatment she deserves."

12. "Let's be honest, Megan is pretty Harry brained at this point."

13. "The royal wedding is definitely going to be a Harry situation."

14. "If the royal family moved into my neighborhood, I'd move Tudors down."

15. "Meghan hired her favorite chef to cater the wedding, he was knighted Sir Loin."

16. "Royal chairs are rarely throne out."

17. "It's good to have you heir, Megan."

18. "Megan Markle just really has throne caution to the wind."

There you have it — 18 punny Royal Wedding Instagram captions to add some laughter to your FOMO (or you know, tears) on May 19.