18 Times That Julie Cooper From 'The O.C.' Was Totally You On A Bad Day

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Hopefully you've never had to deal with the same extreme ups and downs as this O.C. character, but it's likely there were still times that Julie Cooper was you on a bad day. While the majority of us probably will never imitate anything close to Julie's worst moments on The O.C., that doesn't mean that we can't still feel a kinship with her on a soul level. Some of her lines, some of her moments, and some of her looks are very much on point with most of us when we're at our worst, too.

Now, this might not be easy to swallow for anyone who doesn't want to see what they could possibly have in common with Julie. And that's fair enough, especially when you consider that the woman possessed more leopard print than she did functioning human emotions. However, if you dig deep enough into that dark side of yourself, you might just find your very own Julie lurking in there. She's someone that says the wrong things, does the wrong things, and makes the absolute most incorrect judgement calls possible — and all while not giving a single damn.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Like it or not, she's all of us on all of our bad days combined.

1. That Time She Embraced Her Inner Witch


Celebrating your dark side with an equally dark wardrobe is totally fine. Own that sullen attitude, and turn it into pure magic.

2. The Time She Basically Had Your Tantrum Over What Housing Options You Can Currently Afford


We all want the penthouse, but, as heartbreaking as it is to say this, it simply isn't achievable on those wages that the majority of us currently make.

3. The Time She Wasn't Capable Of Hiding Her Disgust


Representative of that stage in a bad day when you're too exhausted to put on a brave face and are just letting people have it.

4. The Time She Pretended Not To Know Why Anyone Could Possibly Have A Reason To Dislike Her


If you haven't ever had to slap a fake look of shock on your face after someone called you out for some naughty behavior, then you haven't lived.

5. The Time She Managed To Cover Up A Regrettable Affair With A Euphemism


If you've ever shared a bed or even just a date with someone you were less than proud to be seen with, then you're familiar with this little tactic.

6. The Time She Was Almost Honest About Her Misdeeds


Sometimes a mistake is so bad that you dare not speak its actual name.

7. The Time She Made Up A Ludicrous Statement To Support Her Overspending


This is familiar to anyone who's defended a reckless shopping splurge.

8. The Time She Was Brutal, Yet Honest


For those days when people just need to be told.

9. The Time Her Humble Brag Deserved A Gold Plaque


Cue the hair flip,the faux-embarrassed roll of the eyes, and the cutest of all giggles.

10. The Time She Echoed Your Feelings Toward Work


Nobody cares if all of this moaning is ruining your office vibe, Susan.

11. The Time That She Made Kirsten's Serious Issues All About Herself


Sometimes the problems of your best friends are jumping off points for talking about yourself, right? Right.

12. The Time That She Achieved A Philosophic Slam Dunk With That Tactic


Be the Kobe Bryant of your existential epiphanies about your own self-destructive behaviors.

13. The Time She Said Everything Without Saying A Damn Word


This one goes out to everyone who can shut down an entire party with nothing more than a look.

14. That Time She Refused To Believe That The World Didn't Revolve Around Her


How this particular event affects anyone else's life is so not the point. It's all about you.

15. The Time She Consumed Wine Like Air


It's basically the sixth essential element of all life.

16. The Time She Basically Foresaw Our Future Tinder Habits


"Buddy list blocking" is the new swipe left. Pass it on.

17. The Time She Was A Sarcastic Monster Even With A Weapon Aimed At Someone


People who say that there's a time and a place for sarcastic humor are obviously very wrong.

18. The Time She Gave This Extremely Sarcastic Air Kiss


You can apply sarcasm to just about anything that you need to. Including air kisses.

In her chaotic balance between good and terrible, Julie was both the absolute worst and the absolute greatest. And at our worst, Julie is totally us.