18 Women Who Make Six Figures Reveal What Their Lives Really Look Like

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The gender pay gap is still a horrendous problem, and people continue to take offense to women in powerful positions; it's important to note, though, that there are ladies out there taking care of business. In fact, they're totally kicking butt. Reddit recently brought together women who make six figures and fill important positions in the workplace, and their lives are nothing short of brilliant. Furthermore, they discussed what their work-life balance is like, and you might notice a surprising pattern: many (if not most) of these women have some kind of balance, love their jobs, and even work extra hours simply because they want to.

Reading through their responses will undoubtedly provide you with much-needed encouragement, because we're often led to believe you can't have it all. You must choose between your happiness, your family, or your paycheck, meaning that something will always be sacrificed. While this might sometimes be the case, it isn't always. There were a number of women who offered glimpses in their lives of making a killer income, raising a family, and still having time to disconnect from the job nights and weekends. No, ladies, your opportunities in life aren't limited to only work or only family.

Yes, you can earn a great living and not live to work. Yes, you can find immense success at a younger age, travel the world, and have men work as your assistants. If you want it and you work for it, nothing can get in your way.

Read on to hear from inspiring women who are killin' it at work.


Two Weeks On, Two Weeks Off As A Mine Geologist

As long as you're cool with the schedule, this sounds like a dream — a hefty paycheck and ample vacation time? Rock on with your bad self, lady.


I Object!... Not

The hours sound a bit unpredictable, and sometimes more lengthy than most of us would probably like them to be. On the upside, a casual work environment and flexibility in where you put in the hours don't sound too bad.


No Overtime Necessary

Pulling in $95K while typically sticking to a 40-hour-a-week schedule sounds pretty darn amazing to me.


A Higher Cost Of Living

Ah, that darn cost of living — great in some cities (like Las Vegas), bad in others, like Boston.


A Seasoned RN

After 35 years working as a nurse, you've earned all that and more, sister. Kudos.


Operating Heavy Machinery

For the curious, a millwright is someone who works with machinery (dismantling it, installing it, repairing it, etc.) in factories, power plants, and more. Great for the wallet, but not so great for the kiddies.


All In All, Not Bad

Making a nice living is awesome. So is raising kids. When you get to do both at the same time? We call that a win.


The Most Perfect Life Ever

Is this real? Does this exist? It must — and this chick obviously worked for it. Fifteen years on the job to climb the ladder of success is no joke. #Respect


Having More Control Over Your Clientele

That's the beauty of working as a consultant. While your paycheck may fluctuate more, you also have greater say over your business.


Wouldn't Trade It For The World

You know you've found your place in the world when these are your feelings toward your work.


Welcome Aboard

You've truly hit the jackpot when you feel that money is irrelevant. That's a very special kind of wealth.


Loving What You Do

Once again, we find a woman who works more because she wants to, and not because she wants more money or feels obligated. That's the life.


Having Time To Unplug

Not having to be chained to your email when you're away from the office sounds like heaven on earth. We all know that being obsessed with email is a huge no-no in work and in life.


Woman In Charge

Another win-win in the work-life balance arena.


The Ideal Work-Life Balance

Sometimes, you have to bring your work home with you. But when you clock out and you really get to be done for the day, that feels simply wonderful.


At The Top Of Her Game

We've even got women's partners out here repping for them, which means it must be an awesome job indeed.


A Good Paycheck And The Stress To Go With It

So... the person who was best at it, what were they making?


Getting Sushi Every Night

If you get to eat out a lot, nothing else really matters in life, right? Right.