The 19 Best 'Black Panther' Memes & Tweets Out There, Hands Down

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

If you were one of the millions of people who went to see Black Panther opening weekend, you witnessed first hand the intense love fans felt for the movie before they even saw it. Now that they have seen it, the love is even stronger. And that can only mean one thing: Black Panther memes. Audiences rushed straight from the theater to the computer, generating jokes like King T'Challa himself had ordered it. With so many memes, it can be hard to know where to start, but these 19 Black Panther memes and tweets are truly excellent. Maybe they'll inspire you to join in on the meme-tastic fun.

Black Panther, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first movie with a black superhero lead and one of the year's most highly anticipated films, is officially a phenomenon. The movie made $419.6 million worldwide, reported Box Office Mojo, in its first four days, and that number is expected to continue to grow for a month at least. Staggering box office returns aside, what all this money going into Black Panther really means is that the fanbase is already enormous. As a result, memes celebrating T'Challa, Nakia, Shuri, Killmonger, and Wakanda have already flooded Twitter, Instagram, and every social media platform in between. These are the best Black Panther jokes around. Now see if you can top them. Spoilers ahead!


'Get Out'

Seeing Black Panther might be the new "I voted for Obama."


Cat Fight

That Black Panther vs. Killmonger fight was pretty epic, but was it more epic than a fight between two actual cats?


Live Action 'Lion King'

Black Panther was very Shakespearian, which might explain its similarities to The Lion King. (Not pictured: T'Challa and Killmonger's final scene, which could definitely double for the famous "everything the light touches" scene from the Disney animated classic.)


Princess Shuri

It's official: Shuri is everyone's new favorite Disney Princess. ICYMI: Black Panther is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, which means it's technically a Disney film, and that means Shuri is definitely a Disney Princess.


Distracted Boyfriend

Yes, Killmonger was a powerhungry mass murderer, but you can't deny, he had some good points.


Distracted W'Kabi

If you flirted with #TeamKillmonger, don't worry, W'Kabi was also swayed by Killmonger's swagger and philosophical argument, which resulted in this wonderfully photo-shopped gem.


M'Baku Mood

M'Baku made the biggest impression in Black Panther — literally, he is enormous — but his best moment came when he howled "Are you done?" at T'Challa and his family. Iconic.


Tropic Panther

The MCU crossover memes are also strong. This one, featuring Robert Downey Jr.'s Tropic Thunder character, is particularly excellent.


Justice For 'Blade'

Black Panther might be the first major MCU movie with a black superhero lead, but it's far from the first black superhero movie. Memes: they're not just funny, but educational.


'Thor: T'Challa'

Avengers: Infinity War isn't even out for another few months, but T'Challa's "Get this man a shield" line is already iconic, so it's nice to see the Meme Gods blessed us with this perfect Black Panther-Thor: Ragnarok mashup.


Tyra Banks Critique 1

One thing anyone who has ever watched America's Next Top Model can agree on is that Tyra Banks sure knows what she's talking about. And here she is using her supermodel wisdom to teach us how to appreciate Killmonger. Is there anything she can't do?


Tyra Banks Critique 2

Tyra Banks critique take two. She's so right.


The MCU Glow-Up

With Black Panther, the MCU has officially rehabbed two Human Torches, Chris Evans, who played the Fantastic Four member before joining up as Captain America, and Michael B. Jordan, who flamed on just a few years before signing on to play the villain in Black Panther.


Mass Exodus

"I'm sorry, we can't come to the phone right now. Why? Because we're in Wakanda."


"What Are Those?"

Shuri's A+ Vine knowledge has quickly transformed into a meme of its own, as has T'Challa's apparent pop-culture ignorance.


'Black Panther' Hoax

Stories of alleged assaults against white audience members at Black Panther screenings went viral and were later debunked, launching pushback memes from fans who just wanted to enjoy a movie in peace.


W'Kabi Would...

W'Kabi's betrayal of T'Challa is not sitting well with some fans, nor is his willingness to battle against his phenomenal wife Okoye. Sorry, W'Kabi, the Internet has declared you the worst of Wakanda.


Will Smith Loves Shuri

TBH, this seems 100 percent legit. Will Smith better do this when he meets Leticia Wright IRL.


"Next Thing I Knew, I Was Pregnant"

Pretty much every single Black Panther cast member is worthy of this Kylie Jenner "Next thing I knew, I was pregnant" meme. Every. Single. One.

So freakin' good.