19 Creative Gift Ideas For Your Dad That He Won’t Just Pretend To Like

Every year, I'm tempted to get my dad a tie and a coffee mug, just like I did the year before — but when I think about all the ties and all the coffee mugs I've gifted him over the years, I'm reminded that this is the year I've got to put a bit more effort into the whole thing. How many ties and mugs does one man really need, anyway? Considering the fact that my dad has been using the same chipped mug and wearing the same blue tie for decades, I'd say it's clear it's time to get more creative with dad gifts.

This holiday season, you'll want to get your dad a gift he's not expecting, and a gift that he'll actually use. And subconsciously, I'm sure you want to get him a gift that convinces him you're officially an adult and that he has reason to be proud of you, in addition to it being a genuinely good gift. So, here, I've put together a list of unique dad gifts that are not your average go-to dad gifts. Because your dad deserves something he's not expecting, let's be real. And besides, it's more fun to shop for things that are a little outside of the dad-box.

Eye Glasses

If your parents are like mine and wear two pairs of glasses from the pharmacy at the same time, because their old prescription glasses don't work, and they're too lazy to get their eyes re-checked, make them an appointment at LenCrafters. You can make the whole process easier, and gift them a proper pair of glasses so that they don't look like six-eyed aliens from Planet Blurry.

Man Candle


Night Cap Scented Candle, $35, Brooklinen

If your dad can't stand the candles your mom keeps burning year-round, get him a candle that speaks to his own interests. This hand-poured candle smells like a warm cup of bourbon and blood orange spice, and is going to change the way your dad feels about candles.

Neck Massger


Homedics Shiatsu Neck Massager With Heat, $25, Target

If you can picture your dad with this contraption wrapped around his shoulders while he enjoys Seinfeld reruns just a bit more comfortably, this is the gift for him. Plus, you can use it for yourself when you're at his place.

Luxury Sheets


Luxe Core Sheet Set, $149, Brooklinen

If your parents still share a bed, this gift is a two-in-one. Get them a gift they can share: luxurious sheets. Because those tattered, bleached, department store sheets from the '80s have got to go!

Roku Streaming Player


Roku Express Streaming Player Plus, $30, Target

Open up the world of TV that your dad did not know existed beyond basic cable. You'll have a lot more to talk about if you watch the same shows, so get your dad hooked with the Roku.

Driving Blanket


Pendelton Wool Motoring Blanket, $128, Terrain

This chic, timeless, warm blanket is perfect for the dad who likes to spend time outside, on the go, in the winter. This blanket is begging for a fireside hang.

Popcorn Popper


Popcorn Popper, $35 , Terrain

If your dad is in to camping and hanging by the winter fire pit, this rustic popcorn popper is going to be his new favorite tool.

Facial Wash


Naturopathica Clarifying Facial Wash for Men, $36, Terrain

If your dad isn't as in to skincare as he should be and also isn't a fan of overly fragrant soaps, this manly man face wash is totally for him.

Leather Coasters


Stitched Leather Coasters Set of 4, $48, Terrain

Whenever I'm home, my dad is yelling at me about putting my cup down on surfaces, like it's a weapon of destruction. So he'd definitely be a fan of these rustic, handmade coasters.

Wool Hat


Donegal Wool Ribbed Beanie, $45, J.Crew

You can never have enough wool hats, and it's particularly nice to get a new one each year — so, when in doubt, get your dad a nice hat.

Neck Pillow


In-Flight Neck Pillow, $28, J.Crew

For the dad that's a frequent flier, this neck pillow will do the trick.

Baseball Hat


Mercantile Sunwashed Baseball Cap, $12, J.Crew

Personally, I like to get my dad gifts that I plan on one day stealing. Like this prefaded, vintage-style baseball hat.

Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce

Uncommon Goods

Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce Kit, $35, Uncommon Goods

If your dad is in to beer and barbecuing, this is going to be his favorite gift. Each sauce is made with different spices and craft beers and includes suggestions for what to grill them with.

DIY Hot Sauce

Uncommon Goods

Make Your Own Hot Sauce, $35, Uncommon Goods

When was the last time you did a craft with your dad? It's probably been a while. This DIY hot sauce kit will surely give the two of you something to re-bond over.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Uncommon Goods

Bluetooth Tracking Tag, $40, Uncommon Goods

Not to generalize or anything, but all dads lose things, right? With this Bluetooth tracking tag, he will be able to keep track things all from an app on his phone.

Personalized Family Print

Uncommon Goods

Personalized Family Print, $75, Uncommon Goods

You don't even need to get the family together to gift your dad this portrait. It's cute, it's quirky, and it's totally going to pull on his heart strings.

Hopped Coffee

Uncommon Goods

Hopped Up Coffee, $26, Uncommon Goods

If your dad is as in to beer as he is coffee, this gift will be the perfect marriage of both interests. Chocolate stout? Say no more. You'll want a cup of this on Christmas morning, too.

Salt Collection

Uncommon Goods

Flavors of America Salt Collection, $60, Uncommon Goods

If your dad's got a taste for the finer things, he'll appreciate this eclectic salt mix, and have a lot of fun playing with it in the kitchen.

Lightbox Puzzle

Uncommon Goods

Perhaps the new age version of a stress ball, this lightbox puzzle will give your dad something to do at his desk when he's stumped, and act as a cool desk top decoration.