The Best Gift Ideas For Dad This Holiday Season

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Finding the perfect and thoughtful gift for dad is no easy feat. You want to get them something that they're going to like, but you know, as your parent, they're going to get mad at you if you spend too much. So, you've got to find a way to figure out something that's usable, valuable, thoughtful and inexpensive. No pressure, right?

And when you count out new ties and coffee mugs because those are perfect gifts for Father's Day and why waste them on the holidays, what's even left? What do you get your dad if he doesn't have some big obvious passion like golf, or craft beer? Most dad gift guides are geared toward one type of dad that apparently has really expensive taste and a lot of general hobbies. But what about the dads that are into more niche interests? What about the dads who feel like they already have everything they want? Those are the dads you have to surprise with gifts that they didn't even realize they wanted until it's right there in front of them.

Here are a few gifts to consider for the "you really shouldn't have" dad, the "your love is already a gift" dad, the "please don't get me another tool box" dad and the "please don't get me anything, just don't ask me for money again" dad.

Virtual Reality Gear

if your dad is super into techie gear, this gift will absolutely delight him. I'm guessing you'll have to pry these VR goggles off of him once he opens them.

Gear VR, $60, Samsung

BBQ Chef Essentials

If your dad watched a lot of cooking network shows and believes he's a true grill master, this value gift set will make his heart swell. You get both the personalized cutting board and the monogramed steak brands.

Monogrammed Steak Brand & Carving Board, $70, Williams Sonomoa

Apple TV (32 GB)

Another for the techie dad. He might be a little too old for a new gaming system (I said "might" — personally, I don't think anyone is too old for that!), but this Apple TV will definitely keep his attention like your gaming console probably kept yours when you were a kid in the '90s. With its ability to download countless apps and even order food for your Netflix nights, the Apple TV is pretty much the perfect gift.

Apple TV (32 GB), $149, Apple

Eero Home WiFi System

If your dad is as obsessed with strong WiFi signals as I am, he'll love this. Eero is a home WiFi system that operates much like those at an office would: Instead of utlitizing one single router to blanket a whole home with WiFi coverage, it uses multiple as WiFi "access points" to ensure that there are no pesky dead zones or annoying buffering signals when too many people are on a single network. Buy a single eero for a small office, two eeros for a smaller apartment, or three eeros for a larger home. Your dad will never have to deal with bad WiFi again, and I guarantee your Christmas morning will be much, much happier for it.

Eero Home WiFi System (Packs of 1 to 3), $149 - $399, Eero

Nose Hair Trimmers

If your dad is easily offended, this isn't the gift for him. But if he's a logic over ego kind of guy, he'll really appreciate a snazzy new nose hair clean up kit!

Panasonic Ear & Nose Trimmers, $20, Amazon

Shave Kit

I don't know about your dad, but my dad uses crappy disposable razors and typically has a piece of tissue stuck to his face for half the day to stop the bleeding. If your dad doesn't care about shaving as much as he should, this is the perfect gift.

Three Month Shaving Club, $55, Dollar Shave Club

Wine-Themed Gift

Instead of just getting your dad a bottle of wine, order him a wine gift package from Winc, a company that curates the perfect wine a snack blends. It's just a tad more personal that grabbing any old bottle at the store and involves ordering in advance.

Winc Curated Wine Gift Box, $50, Winc

Coffee Club Gift

If your pop is a big coffee drinker, set him up with a coffee subscription service so that he can test out some different coffee's from around the country. Set him up with the service for one month, if he likes it, he can purchase a more long-term plan.

Ultimate One Month Gift, $23, Bean Box

Race Car Ride-Along

If your dad is into fast cars, this might be the perfect gift for you and your siblings to split. This will get your dad a ride-along experience in an official race car on the famous Pocono Raceway.

Stock Car Ride-Along, $140, Cloud9 Living

Seinfeld Game

I don't know about your dad, but my dad loved this show. And who didn't?

Scene it? Seinfeld, $20, Amazon


OK, we've all gotten our dads a few pairs of slippers in our lives. But these are the kind of slippers that he can wear out to go get coffee or walk the dog or get the mail in the morning with. They're comfy and functional.

Microsuede Classic Moccasin Slipper, $38, Dearfoams

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This is totally one of those gifts that your dad will think he won't use, until he uses it once and then it becomes his favorite Sunday morning ritual.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $22, Amazon

Panini Maker

While you're at it, get your dad a panini maker and teach him how to make one of his favorite sandwiches in it so that it's not overwhelming. Worst case scenario, he only uses it when you're home... and that's not a loss.

Cuisinart Dual Sandwich Electric Grill, $17, Amazon

Beer Jelly

Your pop doesn't have to be a total hop-head to enjoy this unique treat, because they're simply delicious. They come in four different fun flavors, and they're even homemade.

Set Of 4 Beer Jelly, $30, Uncommon Goods

Smart Phone Projector

Is your dad always trying to make his screen bigger and enlarge every photo he looks at? Spare him some dignity and get him this projector. Now he can look at his Facebook feed on the wall, no squinting required.

Smartphone Projector 2.0, $28, Uncommon Goods

Milk & Cookies Mug

For the dad who can't eat cookies and drink milk without making a mess. (That's every dad, right?) This is cute and funny and totally useful.

Face Mug, $18, Uncommon Goods

T-Shirt Frame

Whether your dad's into sports, has a favorite rock band, or loves his NPR free tee so much he wants to frame it, he now can!

Umbra T-Frame T-Shirt, $30, High Fashion Home

Gnarly Meat Tenderizer

There's no way your dad already has this bad boy! He'll be so exited to tenderize meat, he'll probably head to the grocery store right way to get some steaks.

Meat Tenderizer Knuckle Pound, $12, High Fashion Home

Fancy Wine Glasses

For the dad who likes to pretend he knows a lot about wine and attempt to whirl his wine around in his glass, this will make it easier. It will also improve the taste and oxygenation of his wine.

Host Whirl Aerating Wine Glasses, $19, High Fashion Home

Image: Pexels