These Giant Knit Blankets Will Make Your Winter The Coziest Ever

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Nothing says winter quite like a giant knit blanket. Yes, wrapping yourself up in a cozy throw is technically a season-less activity, one that you likely do on the daily on your couch or your bed, but it doesn't feel quite as good until the temperatures have dropped and the holidays start to roll in. Watching a spooky movie with a blanket as your shield? The best. Digesting your Thanksgiving meal while tucked underneath heavy knitted fabric? Arguably therapeutic. Listening to holiday music, draped in your favorite Christmas quilt? I rest my case.

But this winter season, why not overhaul your blanket collection? Trade in your ratty old throw for a chicer, cozier upgrade. There are more options than ever before, thanks to the popularity of crocheting and the hygge movement. Whether you're looking for a chunky knit blanket or a rich cashmere throw, there's one for you and your toasty winter needs. Here are 19 giant blankets to wrap yourself up in until spring.


Pom Pom Fringe

ZHIMIAN Reversible Throws Pom Poms Fringe Blanket, $31, Amazon

It doesn't get any cuter than this throw with soft, softball-sized pom poms lining its edges. The price also can't be beat.


Cable Knit Blanket

Chunky Cable Knit Blanket in Cream Irish Cabled Wool, $149, Etsy

This textured, hand-knitted wool blanket is almost too pretty to actually use, but once you touch it, you won't be able to resist covering yourself in it.


Chenille Sweater Throw Blanket

Chenille Sweater Throw Blanket in Orange, $59, Urban Outfitters

This chenille blanket is as soft as your favorite sweater. No judgement you if you decide to wear it out as a blarf.


Lambswool Multicolor Plaid Throw

Lambswool Multicolor Plaid Throw, $149, CB2

This multi-colored blanket is not your grandma's plaid throw, but it was made with just as much care. It's 100 percent lambswool woven by an Irish mill and will definitely become a family heirloom!


Bobble Knit Throw

Bobble Knit Throw, $63, Pottery Barn

Pom poms? Check. Tassels? Check. Soft AF fabric? You betcha.


Chevron Blanket With Fringe

DII Rustic Chevron Blanket Throw with Fringe, $18, Amazon

Drape this over a chair or your sofa for a pop of color and a touch of cozy.


Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket

Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket, $16, Amazon

You don't have to be a mermaid superfan to appreciate this adorable fish tail blanket. It comes in several colors, so you can buy them all and switch it up based on your mood.


Popcorn Knit Throw Blanket

Popcorn Knit Throw Blanket, $16, Target

This woven blanket is ultra soft and will be your go-to to keep you warm during your next Netflix binge.


Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket

Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket, $177, Wayfair

If you're on the hunt for a decorative blanket, look no further than this beautiful Moroccan black and white throw with pom poms.


Lands Downunder Buffalo Check Throw

Lands Downunder Buffalo Check Throw Navy, $128, Amazon

This classic Buffalo check design blanket made it onto Oprah's Favorite Things list, so you know it's gotta be good.


Woolly Cloud Chunky Knit

100 Percent Merino Wool Chunky Knit Blanket, $199, Woolly Cloud

This sumptuous hand-knit blanket is made with 100 percent merino wool, which means it's super soft, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. The best part? It comes in 20 different colors.


Overlook Throw

Overlook Throw, $129, CB2

Between the chunky knit and the oversized fringe, what's not to love about this gorgeous throw?


Cashmere Blanket

Peach Couture Basketweave Cashmere Throw With Tassels, $156, Wayfair

Feeling fancy? Splurge on this 100 percent cashmere throw that's as soft as it is elegant.


Chunky Knit Blanket

Chunky Knit Blanket, prices starting at $28, Etsy

Imagine owning a 100 x 100 inch chunky knit blanket. It's possible, thanks to this etsy shop, but it'll cost you... over $600 bucks, for the biggest size.


Shaggy Throw

OJIA Fuzzy Shaggy Mongolian Lamb Throw Blanket, $50, Amazon

While this isn't your traditional knit blanket, it'll keep you cozy while also making you feel super fabulous.


Pom Pom Knit Throw

Pom Pom Knit Throw, $54, Amazon

If you came into this roundup thinking you didn't need a pom pom knit blanket, I assume your mind has been changed by now.


Herringbone Soft Touch Throw

Herringbone Soft Touch Throw, $44, West Elm

This super soft herringbone throw can be used as a decorative element on your couch or an actual blanket to wrap yourself up in on cool nights. You can also add in a custom monogram to it at no extra cost.



INGABRITTA Throw, $25, Ikea

This large knitted throw will cost you less than a new top or a manicure and will keep you warm all winter long. Worth it? I'd say so.


Sweater Knit Blanket

Sweater Knit Blanket, $30, Target

If none of these throws catch your eye, at the very least, grab yourself a millennial pink blanket to commemorate the color of the year.

Don't forget to pair your new cozy knit blanket with a festive holiday candle (or two) for complete winter domination.