19 Hilarious Obama Wiretap Memes & Tweets That Untangle The Conspiracy Theory

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In case you hadn't heard, President Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping his phones during the 2016 election on Saturday. Providing no evidence and citing no sources, the president sent out four exclamation-point-riddled tweets comparing Obama and the situation to "Nixon/Watergate," and insisting that his predecessor's actions were "McCarthyism!" and "A NEW LOW!"

As expected, the accusations instantly became the subject of endless headlines around the world, and while many of Trump's supporters seemed to believe the claims, the most widespread reaction, even among Republican legislators, was confusion. On Sunday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer published a string of tweets characterizing "potentially politically motivated investigations" prior to the election as "very troubling" and announced the president's request for an investigation.

Kevin Lewis, an Obama spokesman, called the allegations "simply false" on Saturday morning. James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, refuted Trump's claims.

While all this went down, the internet lit up with mocking jokes taking aim at the president's unexpected accusations. Some came up with theories as to what other conspiracy theories Obama could be responsible for, others shared their confused reactions, and others ridiculed Trump's lack of knowledge on how the process of order a wiretap works. If you're looking for a way to laugh at the situation, look no further.

1. Who Said That?

How everyone reacted to the lack of details in the president's claims.

2. He's Using Your Words Again

Why would you expect a person to provide evidence for accusations they make? That's NOT how it works.

3. Meanwhile ...

Has the president even noticed the other things going on around the world amidst this scandal?

4. Oops

Could he be trying to cast the shame of wrongdoing on his opponents before any incriminating information on Russia is discovered?

5. Just Look Into It, OK?

The administration's reaction in a nutshell.

6. Is There Anything Obama Isn't Guilty Of?

Interfering with the sacred game of baseball? A NEW LOW!

7. A Horror Story

From the king of horror himself.

8. Can't Be Spreading Fake News

Of course the president is going to wait for credible outlets before he acts.

9. More Victims Speak Up

Obama had us all fooled with that charisma of his.

10. I Mean ...

Maybe he forgot?

11. He Moves On Fast

Isn't this how everyone would react?

12. Uh Oh

Maybe Trump should've asked the people around him to explain how this all works before he asked Twitter about its legality.

13. True

At this point, is it even a question?

14. Obama's Probably Like

Obama doesn't have time for this.

15. Yet Another Victim

He definitely deserved one for Seinfeld.

16. Maybe Someone DID Wiretap Trump

Joe would.

17. Good Question

President Trump claims to hate the amount of secret information politicians share with the public, but his Twitter suggests he wouldn't be able to help himself either. Probably because he wouldn't realize the information he's tweeting is classified.

18. He Really Is

Will he ever reveal his sources?

19. Million Dollar Question


By the time next week rolls around, we're almost guaranteed to have a slew of new material to mock.