19 Items Under $30 From Wayfair That Will Completely Change Your Space


You don't need a ton of money to make your space look better. Luckily, it's the era of amazing home goods websites, and online shops like Wayfair are a great place to go if you're looking to transform your space on a budget. And to make things even better, some of the best items on Wayfair are less than $30.

While $30 likely can't buy you any major pieces of furniture, it can help you get a lot of the essentials you need to help change your space for the better. Whether you're looking to decorate in a more minimalist way, transform your practical essentials into sophisticated accents, or simply switch out a couple of old favorites, Wayfair's incredible selection of over 10 million products from over 10,000 suppliers means that your sources of inspiration are almost endless.

Whether you live in a small space or a large shared house, it's possible to indulge in some effective home décor to make it feel more like a home. Even doing the littlest home makeover can be a fun way to feel in charge of your surroundings.

And while furniture shopping used to have shipping and shopping hassles, now you can peruse an amazing selection of items from your own home. All you have to do is wait for them to arrive.

Here are 19 items under $30 from Wayfair that will change your space.

1A Decal That Transforms A Boring Wall

Flexiplus Timber Wall Decal


This cute decal can accent your whole wall, or a smaller space, like above the kitchen counter. Plus, this high-quality sticker is self-adhesive, water resistant, and easy to apply and remove. That means that if you decide to switch things up after a while, the transition is hassle-free.

2A White Comforter That Makes You Feel Like You're In A Hotel

Wayfair Basics Down Alternative Comforter


You don't need to spend a lot of money to look like you're living the good life. Using this down alternative comforter as the first step to an all-white bed will have you feeling like you're staying in a hotel every night, and can open up your room aesthetically.

3Accessible Underbed Storage Designed To Clear Up Clutter

4 Piece Foldable Box Drawer Divider Underbed Storage Set


Some underbed storage feels impractical, since you can't see or access what you're storing. These cute drawers solve that problem, and transform your space by making use of your previously untouched storage square footage under your bed.

4A Monogramed Carafe Set To Impress Your Guests

Cori 3 Piece Carafe Set


If you're looking to up your hosting game but aren't sure where to start, this affordable but gorgeous monogramed carafe set is just for you. This three-piece set can help make your space more entertainment-friendly, and is perfect for mixing creative cocktails for you and a guest.

5A Spotlight To Open Up Your Space

Malave 3-Light Spotlight


Lighting is everything when it comes to transforming your space. This 3-piece spotlight is particularly great because it can help focus light on different parts of the room that previously haven't gotten the attention they deserve.

6A Bath Caddy To Make Your Me-Time Pop

Bamboo Bath Caddy


Drinking wine in the bathtub is already fun, why not transform your self-care activities with this bamboo caddy? No matter how boring your bathroom looks, this affordable accessory brings a touch of sophistication.

7A Wall Shelf That Does It All

Munson Light Wood Square Cubes 3 Piece Wall Shelf Set


This wall shelf makes use of all of your space, whether it be for decoration or storage. Decorate it with books, plants, or nothing at all, and notice your room have a little bit more dimension.

8A Tabletop Wine Rack To Prove You're An Adult

Morrissey Bamboo 10 Bottle Tabletop Wine Bottle Rack


You don't need to hide your wine from view, even if it's your favorite affordable bottle from Trader Joe's. This eye-catching tabletop wine rack elevates your organization without breaking the bank. Plus, it doesn't need to be full to look good.

9Decorative Foliage To Catch Everyone's Eye

Desktop Foliage Grass in Pot


Not having a green thumb doesn't have to prevent you from having plant accents in your home. This decorative foliage grass is perfect for drawing in the eyes at the front of the room, and doesn't need upkeep.

10A Wall Holder For All Your Plant Babies

Three Glass Holder Wall Décor


If you do have a green thumb, your plants deserve a place of honor. This gorgeous glass wall décor holder is the perfect place for succulents and flowers alike. Plus the rustic look is very on-trend.

11A Runner That Opens Up Your Space More Than A Rug Would

Tangela Distressed Ivory/Gray Area Rug


Great for hallways or in front of the kitchen sink, this runner can help make your space more aesthetically interesting without closing it up the way a rug would. Also, it's on sale at a very good price, since rugs and runners usually cost a lot of money.

12Minimalist Vases That Highlight Even Small Plants

Elkhart 3 Piece Vase Set


You don't need a major bouquet to adorn this vase, since the simple white geometry is the star of the show. If you're looking to decorate your place, but want to keep it minimalistic, this design is the perfect way to make things interesting without making them complicated. Also, these vases look just as good empty.

13Decorative Knobs For An Instant Upgrade

Intersection Cabinet Round Knob


Updating the knobs of a dresser or kitchen cabinet can instantly upgrade the look of the whole piece of furniture, and perhaps the whole room. And these gorgeous black, gold, and white designs are sophisticated yet simple.

14A Storage Basket That Keeps Your Counter From Being An Eyesore

Steel Medium Storage Basket


If you've noticed most of your storage is more practical, less decorative, then it might be time for a transformation. This basket has an open design that lets you easily view everything in the basket, and a label holding plate for even more clarity. So there's basically no reason not to get it.

15A Fabulous Book End That Makes Your Bookshelf The Star Of The Show

Pisano Hand Book End


If your favorite books need a little more love, make them a design element with this beautiful resin bookend. It's available in multiple colors, and is both practical and super-chic.

16A Kitchen Canister Set That's Cute And Practical

3 Piece Kitchen Canister Set


Plastic kitchen storage containers begone. These old-fashioned canister sets are perfect for transforming your kitchen into something a bit more upscale. Plus, this three-piece set is currently 70 percent off.

17A Table Runner To Make Your Dinners Classier

Shaylee Ikat Table Runner


Runners aren't just for floors. This gorgeous table runner will spruce up your dining experience, whether alone or with friends, and has the added benefit of being machine washable.

18A Hanging Organizer So You Can See Exactly What To Wear

6 Shelf Hanging Organizer


If you keep everything in drawers, you may have realized that your clothes don't all get as much use as you'd like them to. Luckily, this hanging organizer can make them visible and readily available in your closet, hanging next to important layering pieces as the temperatures drop.

19A Storage Ottoman You Can Kick Your Feet Up On

Caulfield Tufted Storage Ottoman


Ottomans are great, because they accent the room and give you the benefit of added lounge furniture. This square ottoman, with a super-cute cactus design, comes with the added benefit of being a storage container. This piece is perfect if you don't have that much space to work with.