These Lana Del Rey 'Lust For Life' Memes Scream "I Can't Even"

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That sultry, sadcore voice you can't help but love is back just in time for summer. On July 21 at midnight, Lana Del Rey dropped Lust for Life, welcoming memes and jokes from both fans and — let's face it — haters. Since the release of shamelessly retro singles like "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans," some music fanatics have played down the Americana singer's aesthetic as a "guilty pleasure" of sorts. Regardless of how people label or judge Del Rey and her music, however, one thing is irrefutable: she's owning it.

Lust for Life is Del Rey's fifth studio album and though it's more upbeat than some of her past albums, it's clear that she's conscious of what tragedies the future could hold for not only America, but also for the world in general. When Pitchfork's Alex Frank asked Del Rey whether she's trying to present a new self to the world — one that's different from the darker person behind Ultraviolence. She made it clear that she doesn't let people's expectations shape her. "No. I don’t care," she said. "I would just say I am different." As for the storyline behind the latest album, Del Rey is going to leave you hanging until you listen to it for yourself. "You have to figure it out," she said. Here's what the internet thinks so far:

Critics Need To Back Off

Actually though, the majority of memes about Lust for Life thus far have been positive. Her fans are leaving no room for the haters.

A Sacred Birth

This is wonderfully dramatic.

I. Can't. Even.

Don't get me started on who Lana Del Rey is.

MY President

Goodbye Trump, Hello Lana. In her interview with Pitchfork prior to the album's release, she said promoting Americana imagery just doesn't feel right following Trump's election.

Sitting On The Hollywood Sign

The Springfield sign works too, but it's much less romantic.

And Don't Forget It

Del Rey's collaboration with Stevie Nicks brought new meaning to the singer's "witchy" vibes. "What shall I cook up for the kids today?," Lana asked herself in a video announcing the new album.

It'll Transport You

"I wasn't even born in the 50s but I feel like I was there," Del Rey told Artist Direct in 2015. Everyone has their own era.

Mysterious & Glittery

This woman comes from a magical dimension.

The Bliss

If Lisa likes it, everything is fine.


The anticipation had been building and building. At some point, we just can't take it anymore.

This Lyric

It's way too real.

Too Much To Handle

If only I could actually perform this move.

This On-Point Progression

Any logical person would crank that volume dial to the right.

Too Many Emotions

No meme list is complete without a photo of Kim K.

The Affection Is Real

Has it already been that long since Drake and Josh stopped airing?

13 Beaches

What does she actually mean by "beaches"? It's got to be a metaphor.

This Calls For A Hairbrush

Let the hairbrush karaoke begin.

Don't Look At Me

Don't admit that you've betrayed your fave singer.


It's all just too much right now. Maybe as time passes, Del Rey's fans will be better able to process Lust for Life without, well, melting.