Literary Valentine's Gifts For Your Bookish S.O.

by Sadie Trombetta

The drug store candy aisles are overflowing with conversation hearts and chocolate boxes, department stores are hard at work promoting the ideal gift for him or her, and every time you turn on the TV, you're guaranteed to see an ad for jewelry "just right for that special someone." That's right, it's officially Cupid season, which means it's time to find the perfect literary Valentine's Day gift for the person in your life who prefers reading accessories to roses any day.

No matter what the occasion, book-lovers are among the easiest to shop for because they're always adding something new to their TBR list. Whether it's a birthday present or a holiday gift, a book makes the perfect gift for bibliophiles every time. But what if you want to get the reader in your life something special, something other than a book that still celebrates their love for all things literary but shows a little more personalization than just another new novel?

That's where bookish gifts come in. From personalized prints and bookmarks to literary themed clothes and jewelry, there's no limit to the possibilities. Are you ready to throw together the most romantic literary holiday yet? Here are 19 bookish Valentine's Day gifts for the reader in your life


Open Book Tie Clip

For a simple gift with a touch of bookishness, this open book engraved tie clip is the perfect subtle Valentine's Day present for the bibliophile in your life. Small and delicate but perfectly nerdy, this accessory will add the right amount of bookish flair to any of your Valentine's outfits.

Open Book Tie Clip, starts at $36, Etsy


Harry Potter Themes Kindle Case

If you're Valentine likes to do their reading on a digital device, give them an accessory they'll actually use, like this Harry Potter-themed Kindle cover. Bold and beautiful, it's a protective case that looks as good as it works.

Harry Potter-Themed Kindle Cover, $25, Amazon


Mini book Necklace

It wouldn't be a Valentine's Day gift round-up without including at least one piece of jewelry, right? In the case of the book-loving Valentine, skip the traditional bling and opt for something more personal, like this mini book necklace. Beautiful and unique, this is a thoughtful gift that truly shows how much you know your other half.

Mini Book Necklace, $24, Etsy


Novel Teas


Tea and books go together like you and your partner, which is why these Novel Teas make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the bibliophile in your life. Featuring 25 individually wrapped tea bags with literary quotes from all over the world, this unique gift set will warm your Valentine from the inside out.

Novel Teas, $15, Amazon


Game of Thrones Mug Set


Have you found the Khal to your Khaleesi? Celebrate that love this Valentine's Day with a Game of Thrones mug set featuring the books most romantic (possibly only romantic?) quotes from two of your favorite characters.

Game of Thrones Mug Sets, starts at $25, Etsy


Personalized Penguin Book Cover Print


Looking for something extra special and bookish to celebrate your love this Valentine's Day? You can't go wrong with a personalized Penguin book cover. Featuring your names and the date you and your beau met or got married, your partner will love displaying this classically designed print in your home.

Personalized Penguin Book Cover, $6, Etsy




There are a lot of subscription boxes to choose, but if you're looking for something a little extra elegant for Valentine's Day, look no further than the Quarterlane Quarterly Reader. Featuring the season's best books and customized artwork created by Quarterlane's artists in residence, this unique box stands out from the others on the market. Not to mention, just look at that packaging. It's as beautiful as a jewelry box, only filled with gifts book-lovers will truly appreciate.

Quarterly Box, $95 per box for 12 months, Quarterlane


Old Books Scented Candle


Set the mood this Valentine's Day, light your dinner table with scented soy candle that will make your entire home smell like old books. A great gift for book-lovers who prefer to read by candlelight, this gift will make your Valentine feel like they're in heaven every time they light it.

Old Books Scented Soy Candle, $18, Amazon


Book Cover Wallet


A small but thoughtful present, these book cover wallets are fun and useful gifts that will make any book-lover smile. To add a little personal romantic touch, don't forget to put a love poem or a picture of you and your Valentine on the inside.

Book Cover Wallet, $45, Etsy


'Pride and Prejudice' Typography Print

Looking for a way to show your literary pride and love for one another in your home? This Pride and Prejudice typography print, featuring the actual text from your favorite romance novel, is the ideal gift that can do just that, and look beautiful at the same time.

'Pride and Prejudice' Typography Print, $15, Etsy


Literature Rocks Glass


Does anything go better together than drinking and reading?If your Valentine prefers a glass of whiskey over a cup of tea with their Arthur Conan Doyle, get them a literature rocks glass. Featuring the actual text from books, these glasses come in a variety of novels, so no matter what your S.O. likes to read, you can find them the perfect drinking glass to go with it.

Literature Rocks Glass, $14, Etsy


The Book Seat


The Book Seat may not seem like the most romantic gift when you look at it, put this practical present will make any book-lover swoon. A simple tool that will mold itself to fit any book, this handy reading helper can hold your beau's 1,000 page novel for them, whether they're reading in bed, on the couch, or at the desk. Bonus: it doubles as a travel pillow!

The Book Seat, $30, Amazon


Personalized Bookmark

Every book-lover knows, you can never have too many bookmarks. Add another one to your Valentine's collection by ordering them their very own personalized bookmark, complete with a sweet note they can read every time they crack open their book.

Personalized Bookmark, $15, Etsy


LED Book Light

While an LED booklight might not be as sweet as flowers and chocolate, it's a heck of a lot more useful for book-lovers, and makes the perfect small gift to go along with whatever grand romantic plans you already have in place.

LED Book Light, $16, Amazon


Shakespeare Cufflinks

Who says formal wear can't have a bookish twist? For the Valentine who wears a suit to work every day, or for the bookish beau who wants to dress up for a special occasion, these Shakespeare cufflinks make the perfect accessory.

Shakespeare Cufflinks, $10, Etsy


Literary Socks

BookRiot Store

A huge fan of printed socks myself, I have never found an occasion where a thoughtful pair didn't make a nice gift. For Valentine's Day, treat your book-lover to a set of literary socks all their own. Whether they feature quotes from their favorite book, graphics from the cover, or images of a beloved author, you're sure to find the perfect pair for your bookish beau.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Socks, $10, BookRiot Store


Ex Libris


For the reader in your life who fancies him or herself a writer, too, Ex Libris is the perfect nerdy Valentine's gift. A fun and simple game that asks participants to write fake first and last lines of famous books, it features the works of some of the most celebrated figures in literature, included Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and more.

Ex Libris, $22, Amazon


Personalized Library Book Stamp


Does your sweetheart like to lend out their books,but get frustrated every time one doesn't come back? Make their book sharing a little bit easier and a lot more official with a personalized library stamp. It's a small yet sweet gift your literary-lover will not like, but one they'll actually use.

Personalized Library Stamp, starts at $26, Etsy


Book Lover's Chocolate Gift Set

the San Francisco Chocolate Factory

Packaged in recycled paper, this Book Lover's chocolate gift set may look like beautiful antique novels, but it sure tastes better than that. Complete with one milk and two dark chocolate boxes, this will blow any heart-shaped candy box out of the water this Valentine's day.

Book lover's Book Style Box Gift Set, $20, The San Francisco Chocolate Factory