19 Movies On Netflix That Your Parents Most Definitely Love

Even if your parents are technically paying for your Netflix account, you probably have much different movie titles recommended to you by the streaming site's algorithm. But if you happened to go through the movies on Netflix that your parents love, you might be surprised by how many of the movies you end up loving yourself. Fortunately for you, Netflix doesn't have the largest catalogue of movies from decades ago — you might want to check out Filmstruck for the largest collection of classics. But Netflix still probably has a lot of movies from the past that you just simply missed because you were too busy watching Disney movies at the time.

Now that you're older, you have plenty of time to catch up on your parents' favorites. Then, because time is a flat circle, you may just discover that your parents' favorites are your favorites. That wouldn't actually be too big of a surprise considering that so many of today's biggest stars have been in the game for decades. You might be used to seeing Meryl Streep play the mother or even now the grandmother in movies, but your parents' faves probably feature her as the young ingenue. Either way, Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep, kind of like how a good movie is a good movie, no matter what year it was released.


'To Kill A Mockingbird'

You probably read the book, but the movie's a classic in its own right too.


'Steel Magnolias'

It's a shame to have missed seeing this movie when it came out, but you can always catch up now.


'The Departed'

Especially if your mom or dad comes from Boston.


'The River Wild'

This Meryl Streep movie might make you never want to go rafting again (or at all if you've never done it before). That shouldn't stop you from watching the exciting classic, though.


'Meet The Parents'

Parents can appreciate this movie about meeting your potential in-laws, because they've gone through it. Even if you haven't met a significant other's family, you'll still get a kick out of this comedy.


'A Beautiful Mind'

This movie has a big twist that will make you wonder why your parents didn't share this movie with you sooner.


'The Money Pit'

Tom Hanks is just a young chap in this 1986 movie, but he's still got his characteristic charm.


'The Family Man'

Some might call this a Christmas movie, but it's available on Netflix now. Check it out and then call your mom or dad after it inevitably makes you feel sentimental.


'Boogie Nights'

Chances are, your mom and dad saw this movie when it came out in the '90s, but you were likely way too young for the raunchy dramedy.


'The Sixth Sense'

You probably whispered "I see dead people" as a kid, but that doesn't mean you knew what you were referencing. Your parents did, though, because they've definitely watched The Sixth Sense.


'Pearl Harbor'

Before there was Dunkirk, there was Pearl Harbor — not historically, just movie-wise.


'August Rush'

This movie is such a mom-pick — because it's great, and you should suggest that you two watch it next time you're together.


'Eyes Wide Shut'

If you can't imagine a time when Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were together, this movie at least gives you a good idea of their chemistry.



When you watch this movie now, you can thank your parents for not showing it to you sooner because it's that frightening.


'Jurassic Park'

Everyone's parents probably love this movie, just like everyone in general likely loves it — it's just such a classic.


'Full Metal Jacket'

Your parents could probably write a whole list of the best Vietnam War movies to come out in the '80s and '90s, and Full Metal Jacket will probably show up on that list.


'The Godfather' 1 And 2

It's a classic, capisce?


'Million Dollar Baby'

You might have vague memories of hearing about this movie when it came out in 2004, but now that you're older it's definitely worth revisiting with fresh eyes.


'Quiz Show'

Scandal hits the gameshow circuit in the 1950s in this Robert Redford-directed movie. It'll take you back to a simpler time.

The movies that your parents like are shockingly cool. Then again, you're cool, so you must've gotten it from somewhere.