19 Things You'll Notice When You Rewatch 'Step Up'

by Ashley Rey

Admit it, 2006 was a good year. It was full of viral dance crazes, Laguna Beach was thriving, Rihanna was fresh on the scene — oh, and we also got the first installment of the Step Up saga. I was totally obsessed with the dance flick, and just hearing that there could be a Step Up reunion brings me so much joy. While there's no denying that it led the charge for future dance phenomenons, I have to confess — Step Up definitely wasn't the best of the best. It totally had all of the ingredients for an overtly cliché film, and a ton of awkward and stereotypical happenings, to boot. And to prove my point, I've uncovered all of the ridiculous moments you notice when you rewatch Step Up.

If you haven't set your eyes on Step Up over the past 10 years, I think it's time that you do so. Full disclosure, I wasn't wowed by a lot of the dance sequences this time around. In fact, I found myself cringing at the corniness. But honestly, it's all worth it to witness the onscreen moments that made Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum fall in love. Hey, I'm a realist, but a total romantic at the end of the day.


The Over-The-Top Menacing

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A peak part in the storyline is when Tyler and his crew do some damage at the Maryland School of Arts. And when looking back, a couple of clips had me saying, "dis tew much."


Skinny's Ridiculous Fashion Sense

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OK, so if I'm being honest, all of the fashion throughout this '00s flick is pretty bad. But Skinny's belt is definitely the worst.


Nora Playing Coy When It Comes To Tyler's Skills On The Dance Floor

Girl, you know he's strong. You saw him breakdancing outside five seconds ago.


That "Token White Boy Who Dances" Moment At An All-Black Party

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And to be honest, Tyler looks more like a professional than a street dancer.


When You Know Tyler Has Better Coordination Than That

He's not fooling anyone here.


When The Chemistry Is Overflowing

I felt it seeping through in the opening title sequence. And... OK, Channing, you can put her down now.


Tyler Being The Hottest Teenage Janitor Ever

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I don't know about you, but I don't remember seeing a janitorial staff member this fine in my high school.


But He's Giving Off Slightly Creepy Vibes Here

He's a little forward in this scene, to be honest.


Nora & Tyler's First Fight Is Weirdly Short-Lived

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It wouldn't be a romantic drama if the aspiring couple didn't show their audience everything that's at stake.


Heavy D — I Mean, Omar — Being An Overly Sensitive Gangster

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He boosts cars and will even threaten some lives from time to time. But, he cares, B.


Adorable Dance Montage Number 289,098,000

They're a cute couple. We get it.


Lucy's Inability To Play It Cool When It Matters Most

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She's a terrible wing-woman.


Nora's Cliched Eagerness To Show Tyler Her Favorite Place In The World

You know, where she's been coming since she was a kid. The place where she goes to clear her head.


Mack's Temper Tantrum Over Tyler Not Wanting To Hang

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He likes to play basketball, boost cars, and dance, bro.


Lucy & Miles Sharing The Most Awkward Kiss Ever

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Cringeworthy, to say the least.


Nora & Brett's Inevitable Breakup

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How else were Nora and Tyler going to wind up together?


Andrew Never Having The Swag To Pull Off Those Hip-Hop Moves

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But, he is a good sport.


Nora Almost Having To "Settle" For An Ivy League Education

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This scene just screams "privilege." Ridiculous, right?


That "We're Doing This For Skinny" Moment

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In every '00s urban flick, there's always a cliché moment where the funny character dies by some senseless act of violence — motivating everyone else in the 'hood to get their lives together. And this scene is it.

But you know what? Knowing that Tyler and Nora lived happily ever after IRL makes reliving these moments all worth it, guys.