19 Secret Santa Gifts For Your Boss That Are Actually Useful

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Imagine this: it's the annual office Secret Santa gift exchange, and you begrudgingly put your name in, only to discover that the person you've drawn is... your boss. Oh god. What if your boss doesn't like the present you choose? What if you totally misread your boss's personality, and they end up hating whatever gift you get them so much that they fire you? Oh god, is your resume updated? How does anyone even write cover letters?

OK, first of all, that won't happen, so you can get that unlikely scenario out of your head. But real talk, getting a Secret Santa gift for your boss can be a stressful task that may seem impossible at times — but it's not. As proof, this is a list of gifts that your supervisor is guaranteed to like — or, at least, get a good laugh out of.

From mugs to books to a card that's decidedly not Hallmark-approved, these gifts have got you covered for the office gift exchange. There's no excuse to buy lame Secret Santa gifts this year... especially not for someone like your boss, aka the person who's directly in charge of your career and future at your present company. Good luck!

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