19 Movies Out In September That Look So Good, From Netflix Rom-Coms To Period Piece Thrillers

Savor those Summer Fridays folks, because there's not that many left in the season. As fall winds its way down the river of time, it may feel sad to pack away our unicorn inner-tubes and pineapple bikinis, but with every close comes new opportunity, and this is no exception. Here are 19 September 2018 movies to get excited about, films that'll help put the sweltering days of summer out of mind and properly behind you.

Leading into Halloween, there's some pretty great horror on the horizon, including Predator's latest reboot and the "don't sleep or you'll die" thriller Mara, about an ancient demon who kills people in their sleep. Assassination Nation, meanwhile, looks like a cross between The Purge and Unfriended, but with a lot more head-shots and texting. And bonkers black metal paean Mandy is in a category all its own, a gore-soaked revenge tale helmed by no less than Nicholas Cage.

For those who want something a little less terrifying, there's the romantic drama Life Itself, which comes from the director of This Is Us and promises to bring the same level of tears and joy. Colette offers a look at a woman struggling with what many of us still do today — being taken seriously for the work she does. There's a vast array of other films on the list below, so you're sure to find something to love this September.


'I Am Not A Witch'

Originally released on the festival circuit in 2017, this story of a girl sent to "witch camp" by her community gets a wider release this year. Tethered to a cord so she can't fly away and told she'll turn into a goat if she cuts it, Shula quietly puts up with being gawked at by tourists and having her "powers" rented out for use by the entrepreneurial camp leader. The movie judges both the culture that put her in this position and those who look down on it condescendingly.

In theaters September 7.



What could be more frightening than experiencing the terrors of sleep paralysis? Oh yeah, finding out they're real and trying to kill you. When a criminal psychologist looks into the death of several people who seem to have been strangled in their sleep, she discovers an ancient demon named Mara, and must figure out how to stop her before falling asleep again.

In theaters September 7.


'Sierra Burgess Is A Loser'

In a modern retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac, Sierra (Riverdale's Shannon Purser) teams up with the school's most popular and conventionally pretty girl to win over her crush, who she fears won't like her as she is.

Available September 7 on Netflix.



Jennifer Garner makes a big-screen comeback in this throwback to '80s fear-based revenge films. After her family's killed by gang members and the men are set free, Garner's character has to seek her own justice.

In theaters September 7.


'The Predator'

After a kid accidentally trips a signal, small-town suburbia faces the arrival of the universe's ultimate hunters, and it's up to a disgruntled science teacher and mix of ex-soldiers to try and stop them.

In theaters September 14.


'A Simple Favor'

After her wealthy friend (Blake Lively) goes missing, mommy vlogger Anna Kendrick starts investigating why. She uncovers a lot more than she bargains for in this deadpan black mystery.

In theaters September 14.


'The Children Act'

Emma Thompson plays a judge who must decide whether to overrule a young man's religiously-based decision to not get a blood transfusion that could save his life.

In theaters September 14.


'I Think We're Alone Now'

A post-apocalyptic film named after the overly-earnest '80s cover of a pop hit gives an idea of how Peter Dinklage likely feels in this lightly sci-fi film. Dinklage plays a guy who assumes he's the last man on earth, until Elle Fanning shows up.

In theaters September 14.



A reimagining of the infamous double-murder, starring Chloe Sevigney as a very lonely and repressed Lizzie. When a new house maid played by Kristin Stewart shows up, sparks fly and plans are made.

In theaters September 14.



A black metal fever dream from the director of Beyond The Black Rainbow, Mandy stars Nicholas Cage as a man hell-bent on getting revenge on the satanic cult who tore his life apart.

In theaters September 14.


'Life Itself'

This anthology from the director of This Is Us stars Olivia Wilde and Oscar Issac as a couple madly in love, and spans decades and continents tracing the "random moments" that lead to romance.

In theaters September 21.



Ghostwriting a bestselling novel for her husband, writer Colette (Keira Knightley) struggles to make a name for herself in a world that refuses to take women seriously.

In theaters September 21.


'Assassination Nation'

After a hacker releases the entire town of Salem's internet history, everyone absolutely loses it and goes on a murderous rampage of revenge. A group of besties tries to keep it together and stay alive while caught in the middle both on- and offline.

In theaters September 21.


'The Sisters Brothers'

Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly are the titular brothers, hired to kill a prospector who stole gold from their boss in this anachronistic western.

In theaters September 21.


'Bad Reputation'

This documentary about the life and music of Joan Jett features the woman herself, along with a slew of interviews with fans and friends, as they talk about living through the '70s and '80s through today.

In theaters September 28.


'Nappily Ever After"

Violet Jones' (Sanaa Lathan) identity is tied to her hair, perfect and absolutely under her control. But when an expected proposal from her boyfriend turns out to be a puppy surprise, she realizes she's been living the life she thought she should, not the one she wants.

Available September 21 on Netflix.


'Love, Gilda'

This loving tribute to the life, spirit and influence of comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member Gilda Radner is filled with testaments from those influenced by her work, including Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy, and Maya Rudolph.

In theaters September 21.


'Night School'

Trying to get his life back on track after a gas explosion, Kevin Hart hits night school in hopes of getting his GED. Tiffany Haddish plays the teacher, and the two of them don't exactly see eye to eye. Hijinks ensue, especially with a class full of outsiders joining the fray.

In theaters September 28.



An intimate look at the artist, this film follows M.I.A.'s evolution from flaky film student to woke media darling, to the backlash of fame and speaking up.

In theaters September 28.

These are just what's available for September, so there are plenty of other great movies bound to come throughout the rest of fall.