19 Texts To Send Your Grandma On Mother’s Day This Year

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Consider this a reminder to not only celebrate your mother this Mother's Day, but also your grandmother. After all — if it weren't for your grandmother, you wouldn't have your mother to celebrate! So, don't forget to send a text to your grandma on Mother's Day, at the very least. Technically speaking, Sunday, Sept. 8 is the official Grandparent's Day — but since it's likely that neither you nor your grandmother know about that, make the most of Mother's Day on May 12 by reaching out to her with a sweet message of love. And because your grandma might not be that text-savvy or you might not have an active text relationship with her, I've put together a list of messages to send that are easy to understand and get the point across in a consice method.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to say to your grandma. Whether you don't talk often or find that you don't have much in common or much to say, there'a lot of pressure to get it right, especially on a holiday. So here are some foolproof sweet sentiments that your grandma will be happy to recieve, no matter what kind of relationship you have with her. After all, Mother's Day wouldn't be possible without her.

You really put the "grand" in "grandma."

Though we might be close in height, I will always look up to you.

Thank you for your legacy and for believing in me to carry it on.

Like my mother before me, I have learned so much from you and am so grateful to be yours.

"Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while… but our hearts forever."

Grandma, you are the glue that keeps us together. I am forever grateful for your love.

"If nothing is going well, call your grandmother."

I hope your day is filled with sweetness, for you have enriched my life with such.

All of my favorite memories include you in them. Wishing you a lovely day.

"My grandmother is my angel on earth." – Catherine Pulsifer

Happy Mother's Day, Grandma. Without you, we *literally* wouldn't be here :).

"A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend."

I am thankful for you today and every day.

"Grandmothers always have time to talk and make you feel special."

"You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother."

Happy Mother's Day to you Grandma, wishing you a day of enjoying everything that you love and feeling just how much I love you, even though we can't be together.

My role model, my mentor, my second mother, you mean so much to me, Grandma. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Thank you for giving me an innate sense of belonging. I am so proud to be a part of your lineage.

Sending you a big virtual hug and kiss Grandma. I miss you, I love you, and I'm so lucky to have you. Happy Mother's Day to the other mother in my life.