19 Things You Should Be Buying At Target (But Aren't)

Some people go to the gym, deep clean their house, or spend hours scrolling through social media when they're feeling stressed out. I'm all the way here for whatever form of self care works for you, but I'm not someone who exercises when I need a release. Instead, you'll find me wandering around a retail store, imaging what my life as designed by that store would be. I usually opt for my local mall, but if I don't feel like driving, Target is always my first choice. You can literally find anything you need while walking up and down the aisles, and there are things you should be buying at Target that you may not even know about.

I mainly treat Target as a way to daydream. If I had my life together, my apartment would be perfectly coordinated with home accent pieces from the store's decor department. I'd buy organic tampons and not blink at any price tags. In reality, I spend most of my money on sushi and wine, so going wild at Target doesn't happen often. But after looking at pretty much every page of the store's website, I'm seriously impressed with the variety of things you can get at Target. I'm not exaggerating when I say that you could probably go to Target for all of your shopping needs — from furniture to food to clothing —and be totally fine. These are some of my favorite things I didn't realize you could get at Target, but will totally add to my list now.


Pet Jerseys

NFL Little Earth Pet Performance Football T-Shirt, $13-20, Target

I know very little about sports, but I do know that all dogs look adorable in sweaters. If you're a football person, this is a must.


A #Basic Tank Top

Women's Plus Size Destructed Tank Top, $17, Target

It's easy to be super cynical and afraid of seeming uncool, but Target's graphic tanks are actually pretty cute, even if the phrases are a bit corny — which, IMO, is part of the appeal.


The Target Beauty Box

Target Beauty Box™ January, $7, Target

Each month, Target releases a box filled with product samples, and it's only $7. They sell out quickly, so set an alarm for the first of the month if you aren't able to snag this month's edition anymore.


A Vibrator

INTIMINA Kiri Personal Massager, $28, Target

This is your heads up that Target sells sex toys and has quite an impressive selection. You're welcome.


A Compost Bin

Stainless Steel Compost Bin, $16, Target

If you want to give composting a try, it's worth purchasing this compost bin. It's sleek enough that it looks no different than a trash can, and it's affordable.


A Bowtie For Your Dog

Cable Knit Collar, $5, Target

Look at this very regal dog. How could you resist buying dressy accessories for your dog, especially if it's under $5?


Mid-Century Furniture

Mandolene Mid-Century Arm Chair, $205, Target

As previously mentioned, I love Target's home decor, but I rarely venture into the actual furniture department. It turns out that the store has some rad mid-century items, and they're pretty fairly priced.


These Thank You Cards

Retro Wedding Collection Thank You Cards, $19, Target

While these are branded as wedding thank you cards, you can use them for any occasion. I keep a pack of thank you cards in my car, and it's surprising how often I actually reach for them.


Margarita Maker

Nostalgia Margarator, $73, Target

I mean, it's called the Margarator. What else could we ask for? It also makes daiquiris and slushies, so it's fun for all ages.


A Letter Board

White Letter Board with Black Trim, $16, Target

Letter boards are all the rage on Instagram, and this one is a great way to try out a trendy item without breaking the bank.


Thirty Pounds Of Lollipops

Assorted Flavors Lollipops, $100, Target

You may be asking, "Why?" My response: "Why not?" Do you need a lifetime supply (or monthly supply — I am not here to judge) of lollipops? Perhaps not. But the option is there, and I appreciate Target even more now.


This Movie Night Package

Alder Creek Movie Night, $30, Target

This is the perfect gift for a movie-loving friend (or for yourself, if that's what you prefer). It's packaged nicely already, so you don't have to try your hand at perfecting the display.


Cheese Wall Art

Cheese Framed Art, $10, Target

When I'm at a party, I skip the drinks and conversation and head straight to the food to see if there's a cheese tray. If you love cheese as much as I do, this is a perfect purchase.


Tupelo Honey Hand Soap

Savannah Bee Honey Hand Soap, $11, Target

This soap contains honey and lavender, which means I'm already obsessed. It's all natural and just looks fancy, so it's a way to make your bathroom feel a little nicer.


Luggage Stickers

24pc Luggage Stickers, $10, Target

I don't have hard-shell luggage, but these stickers are making me wish I did. If you want to make sure no one mistakes your suitcase for theirs at baggage claim, this is a fun way to do so.


Cosmetic Bag Set

Cosmetic Bag Set, $20, Target

Instead of carrying a reliable cosmetic bag, I usually throw my favorite eyeshadows into my purse and hope for the best. But now I may be tempted to change by makeup-destroying ways. This set comes with two bags, and they're cute enough that you'll actually want to show them off.


Weekender Duffle

Weekender Duffle, $50, Target

Instead of stuffing everything into a boring duffel bag when you travel, invest in a stylish bag that you can also carry every day, like this weekender.


Fun Band-Aids

Holiday Designs Assorted Bandages, $2, Target

It may sound wild to wear holiday bandages year-round, but I'm here for this trend. Who says fun Band-Aids are for kids?


Huge Balloons

Jumbo Silver Foil Balloons, $77, Target

Whether you need to up your Instagram game or make your next party stand out, jumbo balloons are an extra way to take things to the next level. These don't ship inflated, so you'll still need to find a helium tank, but you can get that from Target, too. I'm even more convinced of Target's goodness after browsing their entire catalog. It is truly the Beyonce of retail stores — there's nothing it can't do.