Trader Joe's Just Dropped 2 New Vegan Items That Everybody Will Love

Trader Joe's

Vegans, are you tired of the same old fare bulked up with iceberg lettuce everywhere you go? You're going to want to make an extra trip to the grocery store this week, because in addition to its already hearty vegan selection, Trader Joe's just dropped two new vegan items that everybody will love. And with these two new products, Joe is watching your back at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

OK, fine. Maybe you're not vegan. Maybe you're just not into the taste of meat, or dairy makes your stomach weep. If that's the case, you, too, will be thrilled with Joe's latest offerings, because they are 100% delicious and 100% dairy- and meat-free.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine. Imagine the last time you prepared a delicious salad, and found yourself in a heartbreaking situation, in which you must face a harsh truth — what you really want to do is smother it in ranch dressing, and then you remember that you don't eat ranch dressing. So you're stuck with oil and vinegar, which is the salad dressing equivalent of getting socks for your birthday.

Or, if you will, imagine a time you were craving yogurt with reckless abandon, but you also know that with the way your stomach handles dairy, you'd be better off swallowing a grenade.

If you've ever found yourself in either of these two scenarios, allow me to introduce you to Joe's two new dairy-free delights!

Vegan Ranch Dip

Dunk your carrot sticks in it. Plop a dollop on your salad. Heck, dip your vegan pizza in it. You can't go wrong with Joe's vegan ranch dip. Its base is coconut cream and it contains absolutely no buttermilk — a staple ingredient in traditional ranch. That means it's vegan-friendly!

But don't worry. It's seasoned with all the classic ranch flavors, including garlic, chives, dill, and shallots, so it's still going to taste like the traditional ranch you've always loved.

TJ's notes that it's slightly thicker than a dressing, making it an ideal dip. But that isn't going to stop me from covering my salad in it, FYI.

Organic Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternative

Yogurt is decidedly the all-purpose snack of your life. It's great for breakfast and especially perfect for a midday pick-me-up when you're starting to feel a little tuckered out at work. Just one problem, though. If you don't eat dairy, for whatever reason, you can't hop on the yogurt train, right? Wrong!

Trader Joe's now carries a yogurt alternative that's made from a base of organic cashews mixed with water. Then, they sweeten it with cane sugar and make it extra thick and creamy thanks to coconut cream and tapioca starch. Joe accomplished that little zing that yogurt has by adding a dash of organic lemon juice.

The yogurt alternative currently comes in two flavors: strawberry and vanilla bean. It's even got live and active probiotics in it. Vegan, delicious, and good for your gut? Heck to the yes.

Vegans are mostly used to having to sacrifice taste for the sake of eating animal-free, but in this day and age, more and more delicious options are at the ready — TJ's included. The next time you feel like your only lunch options are air and a glass of water, reach for some cashew yogurt and vegan ranch with a colorful veggie tray and go to town.