Activists Now Have 2 Giant Trump Baby Balloons Stationed Near His "Summer White House"

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It's possible that you saw those humongous balloons depicting Trump as a cartoon baby in the United Kingdom. Now, they're headed to Bedminster, New Jersey, where Donald Trump likes to spend vacation time at the Trump National Golf Club. If you're a local in that part of New Jersey, two "Baby Trump" balloons might make an appearance near you. Plus, they can also be "adopted," according to reported the appearance of these clownish balloons is part of the Baby Trump Tour created by Didier Jiminez-Castro and Jim Girvan. While speaking to, Girvan explained his plans for the gigantic balloons in Bedminster, "We want to make sure the balloons get put into good hands. If we can locate an organization that's willing and able to have multiple events on a regional level, we're certainly going to consider that."

On Facebook, the organizers for the "Baby Trump Tour" wrote, "We’re having a baby! The first two of six Baby Trump balloons have arrived in Bedminster, New Jersey, where a dedicated team of tot tenders from the People’s Motorcade have been preparing for their arrival. We are now scheduling the Baby Trump Tour to bring him to locations across the country."

That's not all. It looks like the gigantic crybaby balloons could have potentially new owners in other states across the country. In their Facebook post, organizers wrote that the "potential parents" hailed from Los Angeles, Florida, Washington, D.C., and beyond. "With your help and participation, we can share these big cry-babies across America sending Donald Trump and his enablers a powerful message for the next two years if he remains in office," organizers wrote.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You might be thinking, “Why Bedminster?” The New Jersey town is known to be Trump’s go-to vacation spot in the hotter months of the year. After all, it's dubbed the "Summer White House." In 2017, the president went to this particular town as the White House went under maintenance upkeep. While Trump is known to visit Mar-a-Lago in Florida during winter, Bedminster is the president's recreational spot in the summer.

And that's where the balloons will find their first home. They're hard to miss. These inflated blimps are enormous, unmistakably orange when it comes to their supposed skin tone, and they carry that instantly-recognizable yellow wispy hair. But for many observers the reason why these balloons are so unforgettable isn’t just the features they have. It's the singular emotion the balloons depict. Each Baby Trump balloon wears a deeply unhappy and miserable expression in the form of a gigantic baby bawling.

Now imagine that soaring above your head.

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According to, the purpose of flying these balloons in New Jersey is to "taunt" Trump while he visits Bedminster. And it looks like Jiminez-Castro and Girvan's plan has supporters, especially when you check the money their GoFundMe received for the Baby Trump Tour project. The duo's original goal was to raise $4,500. It ended up receiving $23,748 at the time of this writing. Over 1,000 people have supported their artistic endeavor in just a month.

Considering the fact that Bedminster has no laws against flying balloons, the duo's project ought to go smoothly. But they may have to be cautious about the regulations U.S. Secret Service and Federal Aviation Administration have when it comes to FAA's Temporary Flight Restriction for areas where Trump is present. Still, Jiminez-Castro and Girvan will probably get their message across in the Garden State.