2 Zodiac Signs That Won’t Be Affected By Neptune Retrograde

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's a retrograde in the planetary forecast, but don't worry, there's no reason to sound the alarms. It's not Mercury, but Neptune that's flipping the switch and turning retrograde this time. While this transit will affect all zodiac signs in some capacity, there are zodiac signs Neptune retrograde will affect the least. All zodiac signs can rest assured knowing that this retrograde will provide helpful insight into how to achieve our #goals. It's just that some signs will have experience more ~ease~ with these realizations.

Neptune will turn retrograde from Jun. 18 to Nov. 24. That's a total of five months, friends. With Neptune's retrograde comes a chance for all signs to deep dive into revising their "MAKE IT HAPPEN" to-do list. What do you need more of in your life? What's standing in your way? Where can you apply yourself more? This way, once Neptune turns direct, um, five months later, we'll all be better equipped to make our dreams come true. While some signs might be faced with uncomfortable fears to conquer and tasked with cutting soul sucking frenemies out of their life, other's will catch the slightest whiff of intensity.

Honestly, we've been going through this retrograde every year and some of us never even knew it was a ~thing~. Some astrologers relate this to the fact that Neptune is a planet whose proximity to Earth is considerably far away. Mercury's retrograde burns a little more because the planet is closer to home. While this planetary transit isn't actually all that bad for signs who can expect to feel it the most, not every sign will be affected with a heavy dose of starry static. So just enjoy life as per usual, I guess!


Libra, your 5 month Neptune retrograde is all about ~wellness~. According to AstroStyle, the focus will harp on your habits. Are they not as good as you think they are? As the Astro Twins advised, wellness is unique.

Hey, your retrograde forecast could be much worse — like having to stare down your most uncomfortable anxieties in order to make progress towards your goals. All you might have to do is look away from the chocolate granola bar at the grocery store.


Oh, a retrograde is happening? Yeah, you might not notice, Aquarius. While those around you may be deep diving into their emotions and truest desires and who their most authentic self is to produce spiritual growth, you're kind of just chilling. Of course, you'll be affected a bit. But, as Cafe Astrology puts it, "It's a fine period in which to explore your dreams and ideals and consider whether you're connecting with them as you pursue your worldly affairs." Neptune's retrograde might just be more of a check-in for you than a straight up spiritual renovation. Sound good?