This Is What Neptune Retrograde Means For Your Zodiac Sign

by Alli Hoff Kosik
David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's unlikely that you've missed the idea of planetary retrograde altogether. Several times of year, it seems the whole world falls apart at the mere mention of Mercury going into retrograde. I'm getting a little sick to my stomach just thinking of it, honestly. But Mercury isn't the only planet that can go into retrograde! Retrograde is an equal opportunity phenomenon in the solar system, and Neptune is about to have its chance. So what does Neptune retrograde mean for your sign? After all, it's starting soon!

Even the astrology-resistant might be interested in the effects of Neptune retrograde, because it's loooong. According to Astrology King, Neptune retrograde begins on Jun. 18 and continues all the way through Nov. 24. We'll be dealing with this until Thanksgiving!

Per AstroStyle, planetary retrograde is a period during which it looks to us on Earth as if any one planet — in this case, Neptune — is spinning backward. While this is a pretty cool illusion, the truth is that the Earth has outpaced that planet in its orbit around the sun. As a result of this series of events, things can begin to feel a little funky... but the funkiness differs depending on what planet we're talking about.

NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust spoke to Bustle to share all the details on what to expect with this latest news from Neptune — and good news, there is no reason to freak out.


You'll find yourself less and less interested in material wealth as retrograde goes on, Aquarius. Instead, you'll find satisfaction in spiritual practices that build up your inner happiness. It will feel great to discover — and love — yourself.


Expect your emotions to feel heightened over the coming weeks, and for others to think that they can project their own emotions onto you as a result. "You can use your dreamy versatility to relate to others differently and cultivate different relationships with others," Stardusts tells Bustle.


"Life is one big dream!" Stardust says. "This may resonate with you over the next few months, as you opt to sleep in and meditate." Sounds good, right? Well, mostly. You might hear from some haters who think you're spending too much time focusing on self care during retrograde, but that's OK. Don't feel guilty for working on yourself and trying to heal.


You may be feeling like the people you care about have been letting you down lately, and as an innately loyal person, you probably find this especially painful. It's more important than ever that you remain true to yourself, even if that means quietly seeking out a new group of people who will make you a better and happier version of yourself.


You have got this, Gemini! Life has been kind of glamorous lately, and the added attention you've been getting will give you the platform you need to make some exciting new connections and even start an interesting side hustle. Lean into it, because it could grow into a big success down the road!


You usually play it safe, Cancer, but Neptune's retrograde might have you feeling a little bolder over the coming months. Seize the opportunity to do something that would normally feel dangerous to you — an outrageous trip, a skydiving expedition, a day totally free of plans. You'll be surprised how much you can gain from keeping an open mind.


Life feels free of personal boundaries lately. It seems like everyone around you is involved in everyone else's business... and it's exhausting. Establish limits where you can by stepping back from gossip and social media, and respect privacy whenever possible!


Stardust recommends that you beware of commitments while Neptune is in retrograde. You should also be mindful of keeping your eyes wide open about your partner. Make sure you are seeing who they really are and not who you want them to be.


Your colleagues haven't been meeting your expectations, leaving you to handle projects and tasks all on your own. But guess what? You're thriving and have it totally under control. Managing these assignments independently has really helped cut down on drama and allowed you to be more efficient.


You're going to find peace through creative projects during Neptune's retrograde. Figure out what form works best for you — painting, dance, music — and embrace it! Creativity will allow "you to use your transformative energy to heal and make you feel more connected to the world as a visionary," Stardust says.


It's been a weird few weeks, and you're questioning your feelings and beliefs about a lot of things, Sagittarius. The best way to proceed is to return to where it all began — your family and your home. The world around you will be easier to figure out with that perspective.


Capricorn, you typically rely on facts... and retrograde has left you feeling confused, which is an uncomfortable place for you to be. Stardust suggests that you use your intuition to navigate challenging communication situations and your personal wisdom to determine what's true and what's not.