20 Bookish Holiday Decorations You’ll Want To Deck Your Halls With All Year ‘Round

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little bit, shall we say… Grinch-y about holiday decorations. I know, I KNOW — nobody likes a Grinch. (Even though his heart did grow three sizes in the end.) I mean, sure, putting decorations up is all well and good, but between taking them down and having to find somewhere to store them in my always too-small closets the remaining 11 months of the year, trimming the tree and decking the halls aren’t always my favorite activities. But these bookish holiday ornaments — decorations perfect for any book-lover — are cute enough to change even the Grinchiest of holiday decorators’ minds. Yep, even mine. And, after all, the holiday season IS all about joy and love, am I right? And what gives bookworms more feelings of joy and love than books and an assortment of baubles inspired by them?

Whether you’re looking for some last-minute decorations to brighten up your own holiday season, or are hunting for some stocking stuffers for the book lovers you love, these book inspired holiday decorations are exactly what you’re looking for. Check out these 20 totally bookish holiday decorations that you’ll want to deck your halls with all year ‘round — or, at the very least, all winter long.

1. Sassy Bookworm

2. Miniature Leather Books

3. Snow-capped LFLs

4. Bookish Mouse

5. Wintery Garland

6. Bright Angel

7. "I Cannot Live Without Books"

8. "Live, Love, Read"

9. A Harry Potter Holiday

10. S'More Books, Please

11. Bookish Baubles

12. TBR-Inspired

13. Vintage Holiday Books

14. "Read!"

15. Hogwarts House Holiday

16. Teetering TBR

17. Bookish Party Dots

18. "Oh the Places You'll Go"

19. Vintage Santa Book Covers

20. Hogwarts House Pride