20 Brilliant Products To Use At Night To Wake Up Smelling Fresher

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It can be extremely difficult to find reliable beauty products that work overnight, especially ones that make you feel fresher when you wake up. That's because most so-called personal hygiene "solutions" out there are a bit of a catch-22. When it comes to longterm results, loads of products actually make it harder for your body to cleanse itself naturally.

When I first started taking holistic health and nutrition classes, I was prepared to clean out my refrigerator and pantries, but I never thought I'd need to give my beauty cabinet a complete overhaul, too. However, I quickly learned that everything you put on your skin absorbs into your body, and many of the products I was using to help me feel cleaner were actually mucking up my body in the long run.

I quickly learned that antibacterial soaps often strip the beneficial flora off your skin which are there to fight odor-causing bacteria and balance oil production. Antiperspirants can clog up your pores so your body can't sweat effectively, and dehydrating facial cleansers and shampoos sometimes prompt your body to produce more oil so it can adequately moisturize itself.

As a result, I'm now a massive believer in natural hygiene options that help you to cleanse and balance your body simultaneously. Here are a few brilliant nighttime products that you can use to feel especially refreshed and rejuvenated come morning, without all those unpleasant ingredients.

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