20 Funny Valentine’s Day 2019 Instagram Captions For When You Want To Laugh At Love


Valentine's Day on its own can be a very polarizing holiday. If you have someone to celebrate with and you enjoy romance that can be kind of corny sometimes, then you probably don't mind Feb. 14: it's a good day for roses, chocolates, and sweet date moments! But if you aren't into that typical romance thing or you have no one to hang with, then it might be one of your least days of the year. And however you feel about it, most people can agree on one thing: Valentine's Day and social media can be a pretty annoying mix. Between the barrage of photos of gifts and bragging to the self-pitying posts to the angry ones, it's enough to make you want to take a little Instagram break for 24 hours. That's why, if you're going to post, you should choose a funny Valentine's Day Instagram caption to make the feed a little more fun for your followers and friends.

You can use your caption to subtly poke some fun at the whole concept of Valentine's Day, or you can use it to tease your significant other. You can also, of course, choose a slightly self-deprecating caption that is super relatable, or just go for something about love that isn't totally sappy and boring. There are lots of options, no matter what your relationship situation is like! There's no reason for Valentine's Day to bring anyone down when there are so many opportunities to make fun of it and laugh a little bit. And you can help people do that with your choice of Instagram caption! Why not spread the laughing love, right? Check out some hilarious options for Valentine's Day captions that are cute, humorous, and not totally insufferable.