Genius Apps That Will Make Your Life Just A Little Bit Easier

What was life like before we had smart phones? The memory of life pre-app is fading quickly from my memory, but I think I remember getting lost all the time in my car, waiting in super long lines at the bank, and living in constant fear that my period would strike fiercely and without warning — probably on the day I decided to wear white pants.

We're so lucky that now, for the most part, we can avoid such harrowing experiences — all thanks to the many apps that help keep us organized. With alerts and maps and schedules pointing us in the right direction and streamlining our days, we can focus our attention elsewhere, on more important things. But there is the new, very tiny problem of wading through all the apps in existence and choosing the best, most helpful ones.

Depending on what you do all day, you might find certain apps more helpful than others. But you'll probably find it helpful to have an app that divvies up a restaurant bill, or keeps your finances on track. Same goes for one that can wake you up gently and on time, as well as one that reminds you, very kindly, when it might be a good idea to pack a tampon or two.

Below, a few choice apps you won't regret adding to your phone.

1. Clue

This period tracking app comes highly recommended. With a lovely user interface, it allows you to keep track of your symptoms throughout the month — like bloating, acne, breast tenderness, mood swings, etc. — and even gets smarter over time, thus offering better predictions regarding your cycle.

Download the Clue app here.

2. Doctor On Demand

If you don't feel like dragging your sick self out of bed, this app is for you. It connects you with a board-certified physician who will ask about your medical history and symptoms, before performing an exam — all from the comfort of your phone.

Download the Doctor On Demand app here.

3. Mint

Mint combines all your money-related things in one space, like your credit card and debit card, so you can see what you're spending and saving in real time. Pretty cool, right?

Download the Mint app here.

4. Talkspace

Talkspace is perfect for those of us who want to see a therapist, but either don't have the time or the energy to do so. The app connects you with one of its licensed, vetted therapists, who will then help you out with issues like anxiety, depression, and stress in a discrete, affordable way.

Download the Talkspace app here.

5. Yoga Wake Up

Instead of waking up to a jarring alarm clock, this app eases you out of bed with the help of audio-only yoga and meditation instruction that you can do while still under the covers. You'll be guided through ten minutes of yoga poses while soothing music plays, thus making the whole process of waking up easier.

Download the Yoga Wake Up app here.

6. Flipboard

When you download Flipboard, you'll choose which topics are most important to you — like politics, world news, dogs, etc. — and it'll create your Cover Stories, which are essentially little mini magazines specifically designed for you. With the world going haywire these days, it's the perfect way to keep all your news and updates in one spot.

Download the Flipboard app here.

7. Keeper Security

OK, be honest... how often do you have to reset your passwords? If you answered "all the time," then you need to download the Keeper Security app. It stores all your passwords in a secure digital vault, which you can access via your phone, computer, tablet, etc.

Download the Keeper Security app here.

8. Wave

Have you ever struggled to find a friend in a crowded bar? Or your date on a busy street corner? Wave enables two or more people to share their live location on a private map for a limited period of time, so you can spot each other in a sea of people. Just set up a meeting location, and you'll be able to give directions and chat until everyone arrives safely.

Download the Wave app here.

9. Barkly Pets

If you're in a jam and can't get home to walk your dog, hit up Barkly Pets. It's an on-demand pet care app that allows you to search and book vetted and trained dog walkers, create task lists for walkers, and receive live updates and progress reports while your beloved is out strollin' the streets.

Download the Barkly Pets app here.

10. Apt. App

If there's anything worse than a loud neighbor, it's confronting said loud neighbor. To save yourself the drama, download the Apt. App. It allows you privately alert a neighbor if they're disturbing you, all from the safety and comfort of your home. You can also get in contact with maintenance and security, 24/7.

Download the Apt. App here.

11. Quizlet

Whether you're studying for an exam, or just want to boost your vocabulary, Quizlet has got you covered. The app allows you create flashcards and other study materials, all in the name of improving your grades and sounding that much smarter at dinner parties.

Download the Quizlet app here.

12. Recruit

Applying for jobs can take forever, especially if you're not using an app that kind of does the work for you. Recruit is one that allows you to use multimedia to stand out from the pack and take control of how employers find you, all while eliminating the middleman of third-party agencies.

Download the Recruit app here.

13. Venmo

If you've ever spent an hour divvying up a restaurant bill between ten friends, then you needed Venmo, like, yesterday. This money transfer app allows you to quickly send money to people, which also makes it great for splitting rent, or sending money to someone far away — no cash or checks required.

Download the Venmo app here.

13. TripIt

Traveling is difficult enough without trying to keep track of your tickets and flight times. So make it easier on yourself with an app like TripIt. All you need to do is forward your travel emails to the app, and it'll organize everything in a beautiful itinerary. *Sigh of relief*

Download the TripIt app here.

14. 24me

We'd all love to have a personal assistant following us around and keeping our lives in order. But until that day comes, we'll all have to get by with 24me. It's a "smart personal assistant" that organizes all your to-do lists, calendars, and personal accounts in one spot. And it's free!

Download the 24me app here.

15. Headspace

If you've been meaning to fit meditation into your life, but can't seem to make it happen, give Headspace a try. It makes meditation easy to understand, so you can actually sit down and clear your mind. And hopefully stick with it.

Download the Headspace app here.

16. RxBreakup

When it comes to making life easier, that's never more necessary than when you're going through a breakup. With RxBreakup, which was designed by STILA creator Jeanine Lobell and LA-based therapist Jane Reardon, you can get over a recent heartbreak all the faster with a 30-day, three-step program. This free app will guide you through post-breakup anxieties, and can even help you avoid making similar mistakes in your next relationship.

Download the RxBreakup app here.

17. Runtastic

It can be tough to start running again, or for the first time. But with apps that encourage you along the way, it feels all the easier. Runtastic keeps track of your workouts, offers a group feature so you can chat with friends along the way, and will even offer words of encouragements from a running coach during your first mile.

Download the Runtastic app here.

18. Waze

If you're one to get lost whenever you set off into the wild blue yonder, then you kind of need Waze. This map app will get you where you need to go, all while providing info on traffic jams, police traps, accidents, and more. It also updates as you drive, so you're always going the fastest, most direct way. Perfect news if you're also one to run late.

Download the Waze app here.

19. ToDoist

The simple interface of this app makes organizing your life all the more enjoyable. It allows you to collab with your team at work, keep track of important projects, and will even remind you to do things — like pay your rent.

Download the Todoist app here.

20. Duolingo

Hey, are you trying to learn a second (or third, or fourth) language? Then get DuoLingo. It makes studying another language super easy, with its adorable interface and fun, interactive lessons. It'll even send you reminders, if you so choose, that offer encouragement along the way.

Download the Duolingo app here.

Image: Pexels