20 Mother's Day 2017 Gifts For Moms That Appreciate The Finer Things (Aka, Booze)

When you think about what kind of gift to buy your mom for Mother's Day, the old standbys probably come to mind: a gift certificate to a spa or nail salon, a pretty bouquet of flowers, maybe a mug with a cute saying or a Groupon for a massage. All of these are great options, but why not try to do something different this year? Moms love and appreciate the gift of relaxation for Mother's Day, and you know what else can give them that? A gift that has something to do with alcohol.

You don't need to go crazy and buy your mom a set of shot glasses with some kind of sassy quote on them — I mean, go for it if you want, but those are probably best left for bachelorette parties — because there are plenty of Mother's Day worthy options out there that don't scream "COLLEGE" quite so loudly. You could give her a bottle of delicious wine, something that will make anything she's drinking taste better, or even some entertaining accessories that will make her feel super fancy. If your mom loves a good drink, she'll love to receive any of these — and it makes a nice change of pace that you'll score major points for. Can't go wrong with that!

1. A Wine Tote

Uncommon Goods

This is the perfect tote for the mom who loves to drink her wine outside. With an insulated pocket for a bottle, two plastic glasses, napkins, and a wine opener, this is ideal for picnics, beach trips, or basically any outdoor summer activity.

Sunset Wine Tote, $39.50, Uncommon Goods

2. SpikedSeltzer


Bar accessory items are great, but if you don't have a lot of money for something, you can always buy her a drink. SpikedSeltzer comes in some seriously delicious flavors, it isn't expensive, and it's great to share with your mom when you hang on Mother's Day.

SpikedSeltzer, price varies, found nationwide

3. An Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Urban Outfitters

Why should your mom struggle with opening a bottle of wine when it's 2017 and electric wine bottle openers exist? This one is sleek and easy to use.

Vino Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $39, Urban Outfitters

4. A Bottle Of Rose

Minuty M Rose

Who would ever deny a bottle of rose? This cool looking bottle holds a refreshing and sweet drink your mom will definitely appreciate.

Minuty M Rose, $19, found nationwide

5. A Draft Beer System


Yes, a lot of mothers love a bottle of wine, but that doesn't mean there aren't moms who love a glass of cold beer! If your mom is one of them, this beer system is really cool — it enhances the carbonation and aroma of beer to produce a smoother flavor.

Fizzics Beer System, $169.99, Target

6. Portable Wine Table

Mark & Graham

If your mom spends a lot of time drinking at the beach (aka living the life), this portable table is the perfect gift. It easily sticks into sand (or grass) and holds glasses so they don't fall over. It's also good for small appetizers.

Picnic Drink Table, $49, Mark & Graham

7. A Bottle Of Red

7 Moons Red Blend

Want to give your mom a unique bottle of wine? Look no further than 7 Moons Red Blend. It mixes seven grape flavors — Syrah, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Cabernet, Malbec, Grenache — to celebrate the seven phases of the moon. It's relaxing, it has a beautiful bottle, and it's delicious.

7 Moons Red Blend, price varies, found nationwide

8. A Cocktail Shaker


At a loss for what to get? A cocktail shaker is a pretty great gift that anyone who drinks and/or entertains will appreciate. This beautiful shaker is especially nice to look at.

Maryna Cocktail Shaker, $57, Anthropologie

9. A Wine Decanter

Uncommon Goods

Does your mom entertain a lot? If so, she'll be so into this unique wine decanter. It includes a little "pocket" for ice so that the wine remains perfectly chilled without getting watered down. It also looks very cool.

Tilted Wine Decanter with Ice Pocket, $64.99, Uncommon Goods

10. A Barware Set

West Elm

If your mom doesn't already have this, she'll probably love it. It's obviously great to have this set of bar tools for drink-making, but this one especially also makes a great piece of decor.

Deco Barware Collection, $79, West Elm

11. Sparking Wine Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop

This kit might not produce wine immediately — it takes at least three months — but it's a fun and interesting process. Also, it's a nice mother/daughter bonding gift!

Sparkling Wine Kit, $70, Brooklyn Brew Shop

12. Grapefruit Beer

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Beer

If your mom is the more adventurous type, try getting her a really cool beer. It's unique and fun, and she'll probably love it. This Schofferhofer grapefruit beer is light and refreshing.

Schofferhofer Grapefruit Beer, price varies, found nationwide

13. A Cocktail Book


Every well-stocked bar has a pretty cocktail book — even if you're already skilled at drink-making. Get this for your mom if she loves trying new things.

Shake. Stir. Sip. $16.95, Anthropologie

14. A Bottle Of White Wine

Tom Gore

This crisp and refreshing sauvignon blanc is inexpensive, delicious, and a really great gift. Give it to her with nothing else — it doesn't need much! — or throw in another accessory from this list.

Tom Gore Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, $15, found nationwide

15. A Pocket Wine Aerator

Uncommon Goods

An aerator helps bring out the flavor of a glass of wine in the best way possible. This pocket sized one is meant to be carried with your mom wherever she goes, so she always has the best glass of wine.

Pocket Wine Aerator, $19.95, Uncommon Goods

16. A Bottle Of Rose

E. Guigal

Because who doesn't need two rose options, am I right? This French rose is deliciously crisp and ideal for summer afternoons — and the bottle is so nice to display.

Côtes du Rhône Rosé, $14.99, found nationwide

17. A Wine Bag

Mark & Graham

This wine tote isn't only great to look at, with its nautical stripes and personalization — it's also super useful. It's insulated, so your wine doesn't get too warm, it has a handy strap, and you can get a size for one or two bottles.

Insulated Wine Tote, $59, Mark & Graham

18. Merlot Rose

Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard

Another great wine option, if you're looking for something more unique, is a merlot rose blend. This one from a vineyard in Long Island is so delicious — it has the distinct taste of rose, but it isn't so sweet it resembles juice.

Merlot Rose, $23.99, Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard

19. Cool Shot Glasses

Uncommon Goods

These Himalayan salt shot glasses are anything but college-esque — they're cool looking and they lend great flavor to anything your mom might be taking a shot of.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, $28-$45, Uncommon Goods

20. Wine Oxygenator

Velv Wine

If you're looking to drop some money on your mom, or have a lot of siblings who will throw money in, this gadget is worth it. It introduces oxygen into your wine, bringing it to its peak flavor.

Velv Wine Oxygenator, $300, Velv Wine