Just 20 "It’s Gonna Be May" Memes For The Beginning Of The Month

Brace yourselves, because the *NSYNC "it's gonna be May" memes are coming. It's Apr. 30, which means that it is, indeed, going to be May within the next few hours. And so, of course, the internet has a meme and a little "holiday" set aside for the time right before the month of May begins. If you've never seen it (in which case, where have you been hiding?), then here's the deal: the meme originates from a line sung by Justin Timberlake when he was still a member of *NSYNC. The line — which is actually "it's gonna be me" — was part of the 2000 hit "It's Gonna Be Me," a truly classic song from that era. According to KnowYourMeme, the meme didn't become popular until 2012 — so it took a while for the joke to be made.

This is the joke: when Timberlake sings "it's gonna be me," it sounds like he's saying, "it's gonna be May." That's not just internet folklore; it really, legitimately sounds like he's saying "May" instead of "me." Someone, when listening to the song years later, realized this, and created the now iconic meme. Since then, it's been posted on social media every single year around this time.

The best thing about this meme is that it almost always features a photo of Timberlake from the year 2000 or the late '90s, when he looked considerably different: think tight blonde curls that sort of resembled ramen noodles sometimes and really bright and wild clothing that the present-day Timberlake would never be caught in. It's just a really fun throwback! Of course, after all this time, some people on the internet are starting to get tired of the meme, but... it's just one of those things that will probably never die out at this point.

If you want to get in on the fun, we've compiled a list of some of the best "it's gonna be May" memes out there. Share them yourself - we know there will be at least one you'll relate to!


There's the classic meme:

You can't get through April 30 without seeing at least one of these Justin Timberlake gifs somewhere on social media.


Then there's the remix of the classic:

You don't even need the beat, because you already know what he's saying.


Then there's the meme with a recent photo of Justin Timberlake:

Because, really, it doesn't have to be old. Although those are the best!


This one shows all of *NSYNC:

Remember: there were more people in this band than just Timberlake!


Then there's the "I'm over it" meme:

A lot of people are joking about how bored they are of the "It's gonna be May" meme now.


This meme shows a new saying:

It's just fun to switch it up a bit!


This meme is your inner dialogue:

It's like, you don't want to join in, but you really can't help yourself.


This meme that has a gif that doesn't really make sense?

Somehow it... works? It's strange.


This meme is for anyone who's not looking forward to all the memes:

Not everyone continues to find this joke funny, though.


And this one for anyone who no longer loves it:

Maybe this was once one of your favorite memes, but now? Yeah, you're like the guy on the right.


This meme that shows what it's like trying to get your meme up first:

It's really competitive out there!


This very accurate tweet:

Honestly, why has he not done this yet?


This tweet that is probably also very true:

Do you think they all think about this meme every year?


This succession of pictures:

Probably what looks like on each day!


This tweet for anyone who's done:

Sorry in advance!


This 2019 twist on the meme.

This is basically this year's version of the May meme.


What Justin Timberlake probably looks like when he hears about the meme:

Do you think he's still into it? Probably not.


This example of how you feel about the meme:

This is everyone trying not to say it but not being able to help themselves.


This compilation:

Now you can hear every time they sing it!


This one that is probably you right now:

What? You have to stay on top of the meme content!