20 Odd But Utterly Genius Hygiene Products For Practical People

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For me, practicality means three things: convenience, speed, and fixing problems without causing additional ones. That's why my shower is filled (or not so filled) with odd but genius hygiene products for practical people. I pretty much won't even consider buying something unless it has multiple uses, makes my morning routine easier, and doesn't use any harsh chemicals that may cause any health issues down the road. Bonus points if it saves space or prevents a bottle avalanche every time I reach for the shampoo.

Maybe you're already a super practical person and products that simplify your shower time really do it for you. Maybe you're a not-so-practical person, but you're looking to give your bathroom a KonMari makeover. Either way, the internet — as always — has you covered, and I've done most of the heavy lifting to round up the best of the best.

Amazon, in particular, is filled with strange but surprisingly useful products that are easy to incorporate into your shower routine. Most of them utilize ingeniously weird ingredients that deep clean your body and hair, and I have to tell you; if you've never slathered your scalp in vinegar and seaweed, you're in for a serious treat. Not quite convinced? Keep reading to check out these time- and space-saving hygiene products that people are obsessing over.

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