20 Odd But Utterly Genius Hygiene Products For Practical People

For me, practicality means three things: convenience, speed, and fixing problems without causing additional ones. That's why my shower is filled (or not so filled) with odd but genius hygiene products for practical people. I pretty much won't even consider buying something unless it has multiple uses, makes my morning routine easier, and doesn't use any harsh chemicals that may cause any health issues down the road. Bonus points if it saves space or prevents a bottle avalanche every time I reach for the shampoo.

Maybe you're already a super practical person and products that simplify your shower time really do it for you. Maybe you're a not-so-practical person, but you're looking to give your bathroom a KonMari makeover. Either way, the internet — as always — has you covered, and I've done most of the heavy lifting to round up the best of the best.

Amazon, in particular, is filled with strange but surprisingly useful products that are easy to incorporate into your shower routine. Most of them utilize ingeniously weird ingredients that deep clean your body and hair, and I have to tell you; if you've never slathered your scalp in vinegar and seaweed, you're in for a serious treat. Not quite convinced? Keep reading to check out these time- and space-saving hygiene products that people are obsessing over.

1. The Most Practical Way To Store Your Shower Essentials And Eliminate Bottle Clutter

Better Living Products Three Chamber Dispenser, $33, Amazon

This Better Living Products three chamber dispenser is the most practical way to store your shampoo, conditioner, and soap in the shower. It's three dispensers allow you to eliminate bottle clutter, and it includes handy storage hooks for your loofahs or razor. The tops open up so it is easy to clean and refill and the chrome finish adds a sleek touch to any shower.


2. This Smart Bluetooth Toothbrush That Tells You Exactly Where You Need To Brush

Oral-B Genius Pro Bluetooth Toothbrush, $162, Amazon

This number one best-seller is called the Oral-B Genius Pro toothbrush, and it's actually Bluetooth-enabled to sync up to your phone. Then, via in an easy-to-use app, it's able to show you where you've thoroughly brushed and where you need a little more time and pressure. It even has six different cleaning modes for everything from gums to tongue. It's also rechargeable and comes with a convenient travel case. "Best investment for your teeth. Ever," says one reviewer.


3. Neem And Tea Tree Are Incredible For The Skin And Hair

Chagrin Valley Natural Shampoo & Soap Bar, $21, Amazon

Organic neem and tea tree are incredible oils because they're great for both the skin and hair, and they fight bacteria and build-up. This set of two Chagrin Valley soap bars claim to have only natural ingredients and can be used as a body wash or shampoo. They're supposed to be hydrating, nourishing, and could even help with infections, psoriasis, and dandruff.


4. This Crazy Black Powder That Whitens Teeth

FineVine All Natural Teeth Whitening Powder, $20, Amazon

Made with activated charcoal from coconut, FineVine all natural teeth whitening is a bizarre black powder that's claimed the title of number one new release in the toothpaste category. That's because it cleanses, detoxifies, freshens, and even removes stubborn stains from your teeth. Not quite convinced? Check out the shocking before and after pictures.


5. This Genius Exfoliation Glove That's Both Fascinating And Gross

Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt, $20, Amazon

The Dermasuri deep exfoliating mitt is a practical addition to anyone's shower routine because it uses a unique fabric texture to get rid of dead skin, ingrown hairs, and bumps. It also fits over your hand for easy use over your entire body. " It's both fascinating and gross," says one reviewer, because you can actually see the results.


6. These Six Different Konjac Sponges For All Your Skin Care Needs

Mayberry Konjac Exfoliating Sponges, $20, Amazon

Konjac sponges are made from the root of the konjac plant which is native to Southeast Asia and has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Like the plant, these sponges are believed to be rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E. Mayberry konjac exfoliating sponges come in a pack of six, each in a different color. The variations in color come from the addition of red clay (red), bamboo charcoal (black), green tea (green), turmeric (yellow), and aloe (light green), each of which is believed to bring its own benefits for reducing inflammation, toning, and moisturizing. Each also comes with a cotton string for easy storage and quick drying in the shower.


7. Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean And Germ-Free

French Nerds Makeup Brush Cleaner, $14, Amazon

Makeup brushes are often teeming with bacteria and build-up, but this French Nerds makeup brush cleaner promises to have everything you need to safely and effectively transform your cosmetics tools so they're like new. The cleansing liquid has gentle but powerful ingredients to remove bacteria and excess makeup, and the egg-shaped brush fits over your fingers and cleans brushes with its innovative texture.


8. This Makeup Sponge Is Antibacterial Because It's Infused With Charcoal

Tripp's Charcoal Infused Beauty Sponge, $13, Amazon

Most beauty blenders are made with chemicals and soak up germs like nobody's business. Tripp's beauty sponge, on the other hand, is infused with real activated charcoal which claims to make the sponge hypoallergenic and antibacterial, this should aid in reducing breakouts and skin irritation.


9. This Loofah Made From The Inside Of A Gourd

SUYISUER Natural Loofah, $14, Amazon

Made from vegetable fibers found in gourds (yep, the things you put in your fall centerpiece), these SUYISUER natural loofahs gently slough away dry, rough skin to leave it clean and soft. They're also resistant to mold, bacteria, and mildew, so they're way more hygienic than your average bath sponge or wash cloth. Best of all, this one comes in a pair of two, so you're set for months.


10. This Gentle, Natural, And Safe Shampoo That Uses Berries From The Sapindus Tree

Tree To Tub Soapberry For Hair, $15, Amazon

Referred to as "the most gentle healing soap," Tree To Tub Soapberry For Hair uses soapberries (yes, those are a real thing), which are pH balanced nuts from the sapindus tree. It works for any kind of hair (oily or dry) to balance, cleanse, and hydrate without irritation, and reviewers say it does wonders for eczema, sensitive skin, dandruff, and frizz.


11. This Certified Organic Cleanser That You Can Use Anywhere On The Body

RUGGED & DAPPER All In One Soap, $20, Amazon

With certified organic ingredients, RUGGED & DAPPER all-in-one soap is one of the most practical hygiene products out there. It rejuvenates, deodorizes, and gently cleanses your hair or body and it's suitable for any skin or hair type. The company also offers a zero-risk guarantee, because they're confident you'll love it.


12. These Chemical-Free Soap Holders To Prevent Waste And Mildew

Aira Soap Saver, $13, Amazon

If your favorite bar of soap disappears quickly and sits in its own puddle of murky water, the Aira Soap Saver is for you. It elevates your soap to allow it to drain, and thus allowing your soap to last longer. It may seem like a simple bathroom accessory, but this little soap saver has garnered quiet the cult following on Amazon racking up more than 100 positive reviews. Bonus: This one comes in a pack of two, so you can keep one in the kitchen, too.


13. This Full-Body Deodorant Spray That Uses Dead Sea Mineral Salts To Block Odors

Dr. Mist Lavender Deodorant Spray, $24, Amazon

Safe and effective, Dr. Mist lavender deodorant spray claims to use nothing except water, essential oils, and Dead Sea mineral salts. It coats your skin in a bacteria-blocking layer that prevents odors for days without leaving any sticky residue or stains on your clothes. Reviewers say it's the best natural deodorant they've ever used, so good thing it comes in a pack of two!


14. These Silicone Sponges Won't Absorb Germs Or Your Excess Makeup

Silicone Makeup Sponges, $13, Amazon

These rubbery silicone makeup sponges are all over YouTube and Pinterest. A lot like the Beauty Blender, they promise to give you a flawless application and blend with way less skill and effort, but unlike the Beauty Blender (or other similar makeup applicators) these are made from silicone, so they won't absorb germs or your makeup. That means that they're more hygienic, easy to clean, and won't waste product. This one also comes in a set of two different shaped sponges — teardrop for creases and round for everything else.


15. All Pronounceable Ingredients That Make For An Incredibly Clean Face Cream

Aloe Infusion Face & Body Moisturizer Cream, $15, Amazon

Whether they've got eczema, sensitive skin, dryness, or are just looking for a nourishing moisturizer, this Aloe Infusion face and body cream has people raving. It's made with ingredients that you can actually pronounce, and has things like green tea, honey, reishi mushroom, and jojoba oil to leave you with the soft, clean skin. It's also non-greasy and absorbs right away, making it perfect for wearing under makeup.


16. Cleanse Your Hair With Vinegar For Simultaneous Nourishment And Hygiene

JustNatural Vinegar Rinse Cleanser, $29, Amazon

Way more practical than your average shampoo, the JustNatural vinegar rinse cleanser uses actual vinegar to transform your hair. It promises to wash away excess oils, build-up, and product residue, as well as nourish your hair for a shiny finish. It's loaded with nutrients and fatty acids, and reviewers with dandruff are saying, "This product provided almost immediate relief from itching."


17. This All Natural Clay Bar For Cleansing, Odor Prevention, And Even Shaving

Organic Clay Cleansing Bar, $10, Amazon

Your regular soap probably just washes dirt away from the surface of your skin. The organic clay cleansing bar does do that too, but it also claims to gently exfoliate, absorb impurities from pores, naturally deodorize, and form a thick lather that you can use for shaving or washing your hair. It also comes in a pack of two, and reviewers are saying things like, "There has NEVER been a bar/body wash that hasn't irritated my sensitive skin until I ordered this."


18. This Seaweed-Based Conditioner That Clarifies While It Hydrates

The Seaweed Bath Co. Balancing Conditioner, $12, Amazon

It may seem weird to westerners but seaweed is highly esteemed ingredient in skin care products, and The Seaweed Bath Co. balancing conditioner is one of the most practical products around. That's because it cleanses, nourishes, clarifies, hydrates, removes build-up, and adds shine all at once. Reviewers are even saying, "I absolutely loved what it did for my hair on the first use."


19. This Bizarre But Super Effective At-Home Ear Cleaning Solution

Doctor Easy Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System, $30, Amazon

This ear washer bottle kit has people raving because it's a safe and effective way to remove build-up and wax from your ears at home, saving users time and serious money that would otherwise be spent at the doctor's office. It comes with a wash bottle and three disposable tips, and people are saying things like, " I used this on my son's ears and ... OMG. I have no idea what the stuff was that came out of his ears or what it was, but it was gross. He says he has "super hearing" now, but he still doesn't listen."


20. The Most Practical Towels You'll Ever Use, Because Bamboo Is Amazing

Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels, $21, Amazon

These four premium bamboo cotton bath towels might look like your average fluffy hotel towels, but they're actually made with 30 percent natural bamboo fabric. That means they're softer than all-cotton towels, extra absorbent, super easy to care for, and are resistant to mildew, bacteria, fungus, and odors. Basically, if you're a practical hygiene-enthusiast, you'll never use another towel again.

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