20 Strange But Amazing Fitness Products You Won’t Believe People Are Buying On Amazon


I know I feel better when I'm sticking to a fitness regimen, but I'm not someone who loves to leap out of bed and do cardio, especially when the snooze button is so tempting. To help motivate me, I utilize helpful fitness accessories to get me started and keep me on task. They really do make my workouts more effective and inspire me to meet my fitness goals. Whether I'm looking to up my yoga game, hit the pavement after work, drink more water, or just go to the gym a few days a week, I'm a hell of a lot more likely to push myself when I have some extra help.

If you're looking for some extra motivation too, Amazon is an incredible place to shop for innovative workout products or home gym accessories (or, who are we kidding, literally anything). You'll be surprised how keeping a fitness gadget or two around can aid with a home workout or inspire you to head out and hit the gym.

So whether you're trying to become a fitness buff, or just looking for a little more movement at your desk during the day, check out these strange but amazing fitness products people are buying on Amazon.


This Yoga Wheel For Support, Comfort, And Flexibility

Calling all yogis! This UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel is a great tool to incorporate into your yoga routine for increased flexibility and balance. It has sweat-resistance padding, an outer cushioning, and a no-flex build that supports up to 550 pounds. It's great for working on your core and back strength, and assists with poses that require some extra support: "It's a very sturdy wheel that, once I got the hang of it, stretches my body in ways I didn't even know possible," says one buyer. "It releases so much tension in my back and shoulders and is a lot of fun to roll around on, finding new aches and cracks to release."


This Rugged Mini Trampoline That's Great For Cardio And Your Lymphatic System

Jumping on a mini trampoline might seem like child's play, but it turns out that it's actually an incredible for low-impact workouts and regulating the lymphatic system. The Gold's Gym rebounding trampoline is durable and sturdy, and it has awesome built-in features like an handles for upper-body exercises and an electronic monitor for time, steps, and calories.


These Wireless Headphones That Are Designed For The Toughest Workouts

Loads of people get their fitness motivation through music, but if headphones are a hindrance to you because the chords that get in the way, Aumo magnetic Bluetooth headphones are the purchase for you. They're sweat-proof, wireless, noise-canceling, and designed to stay snug and secure throughout your workout. They also have an eight hour battery life and a magnetic function that automatically clips around your neck when not in use.


Get Your Fitness Fix While Answering Your E-Mails

If you work primarily from a desk, you could be getting your fitness fix while answering e-mails with this gadget, which has garnered a cult following on Amazon with over 400 reviews. The Sunny Health & Fitness mini exercise bike has eight levels of magnetic tension, an LCD display, and fitness straps, but the whole thing is compact enough to fit underneath your work space. "I am obsessed and highly recommend it!" says one happy reviewer. "I am peddling as we speak!"


A Great Add-On For Your Yoga, Pilates, Or Dance Practice

This weird looking resistance band is called the Go Sport It premium pilates ring, and it can add a whole lot to your yoga, pilates, or dance workouts. It's made with sturdy materials and foam handles for both endurance and comfort, and this set also comes with a video that shows you how to use it in order to meet a variety of fitness goals whether you want to tone muscles, improve flexibility, or your correct posture.


This Wooden Board To Strengthen Your Core And Improve Coordination

With its super strong grip, durable wood construction, and innovative design, the URBNFit balance board is a genius way to engage the core and improve your coordination and posture. It creates a wobble effect that prompts you to strengthen multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and it's portable, space-saving, and is recommended for athletes recovering from injuries.


This Weird Blade That Uses Inertia To Work Out Every Muscle Group

The Bodyblade CxT Kit creates a smooth, resistive workout that utilizes inertia and vibrations to work every muscle group. This set comes with the blade itself, a wall chart, and a power DVD to show you exactly how to use it. "Love this unusual piece of exercise equipment," says one reviewer. "Great for tightening up the arms while engaging the core... The DVD is most helpful. So glad I purchased."


This Removable Activity Tracker, So You Can Personalize Your Look

The Misfit Wearables Shine 2 tracks your steps, distance, calories, and sleep patterns, as well as alerts you via vibrations for calls, texts, alarms, and movement reminders. However, the most innovative part is that the tracker itself is removable, so you can personalize your look to suit your style—choose from gorgeous silver necklaces, classy watch bands, and more.


This Turns From A Regular Water Bottle To A Protein Shaker At The Touch Of A Button

With the push of a button, the Umoro One turns from a leak-proof and BPA-free water bottle to a shaker bottle. It drops your protein powder, meal replacements, powdered vitamins, or water enhancers down into the liquid, and with a few shakes, your drink is all ready. The storage compartment is easy to pack, the whole bottle is effortless to clean, and reviewers are calling this one, "reliable," "useful," and "designed for people with a busy lifestyle."


These Strange Shoes That Make Running A Low-Impact Activity

If you love to run but the constant pounding is too much on your joints, Kangoo Jumps are an incredible investment. They're one of the lowest impact athletic shoes on the market because the collapsing bottoms absorb shock by up to 80 percent. That being said, they still allow for total freedom of movement while jogging, boxing, dancing, and aerobics.


Stay Safe While Running In The Dark Or Rain

If you're running at night, you've got to be extra cautious! These Night Runner 270° shoe lights got their start on Shark Tank, and they've been improving runners' safety ever since. These weatherproof LEDs are extra bright and attach to any pair of shoes to give you up to 30 feet of visibility in the dark and rain. They also have a red "taillight" and a four hour rechargeable battery life.


This Weird Foam Roller That's Got A Brilliant Acupressure Design

If you're able to prevent soreness from a particularly hard workout, you'll be much more likely to jump right in again the next day. The NewCell Integrate foam roller has innovative acupressure points and a bi-directional zone to massage your spine. It's wonderful when it comes to stretching out sore muscles and releasing lactic acid.


This Vibrating Ball For Injury Relief And Muscle Activation

The Hyperice Hypersphere is a three-speed vibrating therapy ball that people are totally flipping over. It's been featured in tons of fitness magazines because it has a high tensity core that delivers maximum vibrations for relief and muscle activation, and it's rechargeable. "This Hypersphere has been a godsend!" says one reviewer with a hamstring injury, and others agree that it's a must-have to keep their fitness regiment on track.


This Genius Water Bottle That Plays Your Favorite Music

When your water bottle doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, you've got way more incentive to bring it everywhere with you. The Bluelasers Bluetooth water bottle has a no-leak design that syncs up with your smart phone or tablet to play your favorite music. It also has a rechargeable battery, built-in compass, and safe nontoxic materials.


This Rotating Light-Up Ball For Wrist, Arm, And Shoulder Exercises

If you're looking for exercises that target your wrists, arms, and shoulders, this odd little ball is the answer. The Huluwa wrist trainer has a rotating flashing ball inside that requires motor skills and endurance to keep it going. It also has a durable hard plastic shell, and reviewers also use it to "stretch out the muscles and tendons" after a workout or even a long day at the computer.


This Weird Mushroom Mix That Apparently Does Wonders For Your Health

Mushrooms are loaded with nutrients, and can even help your immune system. So why not drink them? 5 Defenders mushroom extract blend uses five different organic mushrooms to create a mix that's easy to add to your shakes, smoothies, teas, or even your morning coffee. Reviewers are saying it's got a "pleasant taste and [their] energy is through the roof," and it's totally natural, too.


This Three-In-One Home Gym Necessity

Taking a trip but want to keep your workout regiment on track? When it comes to on-the-go fitness, Koreball is one of the most well-rounded tools. It can be used as a kettlebell, medicine ball, or free weight and since it's collapsible and fills up with sand or water, depending on what you have access to. Its careful design offers stability and a full range of motion.


These Strangely Shaped Massage Balls For Stretching And Corrective Therapy

When it comes to massaging injuries and stretching out after a workout, the Gillsun Fitness massage ball set is an incredible resource. It's got a double peanut-shaped ball to cradle the spine for corrective therapy, and a larger textured ball for circulation, concentrated massage, and tired muscles. It also comes in a convenient carrying pouch, and reviewers are saying things like, "Amazing how it really helps with stiff muscles recovery after competitions. Excellent product."


This Innovative Garment For Extreme Cooling And Protection

The Mission HydroActive fitness neck gaiter is essentially a long tube made from advanced cooling material, but it has tons of uses. It stays as low as 30 degrees below average body temperature for up to two hours, it can protect you from sun, dirt, and wind, and it can be worn as a hood, headband, scarf, or mask. "I expected to feel 'hotter' with more material touching my person, but when you wet this thing and put it on, it really is cooler!" raved one reviewer.


This Little Device For Interactive And Personalized Workouts Anywhere

This weird but innovative puck-looking thing is called the Activ5 personal strength and fitness device, and it's pretty much an entire gym in one little tracker. It syncs up to your phone to coach you through 5-minute full-body toning exercises (sitting or standing). It's personalized to your strength and fitness levels using low-impact pressure-based exercises that isolate muscle groups, so you get the most out of a short burst workout.

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