20 Things You Never Have To Apologize For In The Name Of Self-Care


Women apologize a lot. It's science; a study in 2010 found that women apologize a lot more than men, because they feel that they do a greater amount of things "wrong" and experience the need to say sorry for them. If you've noticed that this applies to your life, it's time to take back "Sorry" and reserve it for the times when it's really needed — when you've called someone by the wrong name, or broken a friend's new phone. When it comes to issues that pertain to self-care, like asserting boundaries, taking time for yourself and actually focusing on your health as a person, feeling apologetic is not only unnecessary, it also holds us back. If you're apologizing for taking up space and being a human adult with needs, it's time to stop.

Sometimes we need to take action to care for ourselves, avoid burnout, be healthy, make good choices, and generally be responsible for our own wellbeing. These are not priorities that should make anyone feel ashamed or apologetic. They're necessary and fundamental, particularly in a world where just existing is hard enough. Self-care is not an excuse to refuse obligations to others, but it's also not a thing you should apologize for. Here are 20 things to do in the name of self-care that you never need to say sorry for.