20 Tweets About Nick's 'Bachelor' Finale That Are Too Real

ABC/Terhi Tuovinen

ter the Final RoseI still have so many mixed feelings about Monday night's Bachelor finale. I've been dying to see how it would all end up for months, yet I when I was actually watching, I felt like I wasn't ready to let it go... Then, in the next breath, I was so done with this season. Needless to say, I had many ups and downs Monday night, and I have absolutely nothing to do with the show — I mean, journey. Thankfully, other fans had similar emotions, and there were plenty of tweets that reacted perfectly to Nick Viall's Bachelor finale and the "After the Final Rose" special.

There was just so much to discuss. From the return of everybody's favorite little sister, Bella Viall, to the totally unnecessary Santa Claus appearance, there was just so much to talk about before the final rose ceremony and proposal even went down.

I swear every single season that this show is silly and I'm just watching to entertain myself, but I end up getting super invested every time. I may or may not have cried at the end of the episode. I plead the fifth on that one.

But anyway, these are some of the most on-point tweets in response to the Season 21 finale.

1. When You Realized You Would Die Playing A Drinking Game

I thought this was going to die down after the first episode... and the second... and the third. But that was not the case. I at least assumed that the finale would be more about the present and the future instead of the past. That was obviously not the case and I'm praying for whoever took on this challenge. Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe were secondary characters this season.

2. When You Realized Vanessa Fits In With Nick's "Type," And You Remember Jen Did Too

I understand that Nick leaving Jen Saviano at the end of Bachelor In Paradise doesn't fit into the narrative about him looking for love after rejection, but it's annoyed me all season that Jen was never mentioned.

3. When Raven Told Bella That She's Not Gonna Like Vanessa

I loved it when Bella said that she hadn't "met the other girl," and Raven joked "You're not going to like her." I just want to know what Bella thinks now!

4. When Vanessa Acted Like She Might Not Accept Nick's Proposal

Vanessa had always been in it to win it. There was zero chance that she would say no to Nick at the end of this.

5. When Santa Showed Up

This Santa situation was so pointless, and would have only gone well if Corinne Olympios was there with some gift requests.

6. When It Became Clear That Vanessa And Raven Were Total Opposites

Vanessa and Nick had a(nother) super serious date full of tough discussions and tear-filled makeout sessions. And then Nick had the ideal date with Raven, full of puppies and sheer optimism.

7. When Raven Arrived For The Breakup

To clarify, Nick only got out of that final limo once, but still. Why would Nick break Raven's heart (and America's) by letting her give that long speech when she was the first one out of the limo? That was just too much.

8. When Nick Told Raven He Would Miss Her

Of course Nick is going to miss Raven. All of the viewers feel the same way, and we all loved her even more when she told Nick "I know."

9. When You Wondered If Bella Would Be Upset By Nick's Decision

I would love to know if Raven and Bella ended up keeping in touch, and apparently I'm not the only one.

10. When You Were Rooting For Raven And Had To Watch Her Get Dumped

These side-by-side photos definitely convey how Raven fans felt Monday night.

11. When You Realized You Knew All Along

No matter what else happened, we all knew Vanessa had this locked up when Nick was even more enthralled by her after she threw up in front of him.

12. When Nick Proposed To Vanessa

No matter who you were rooting for, if you were watching this moment, you were definitely moved by the proposal.

13. When Vanessa Wanted To Celebrate The Proposal

I had to hit rewind on that one twice to make sure I heard it right. I love Vanessa for uttering that line.

14. When You Wondered About The "Historic Announcement"

They've been teasing this "After the Final Rose" announcement for a while, and I was hoping for something that had to do with the actual season of The Bachelor, but of course it did not.

15. When Raven Confirmed Her BiP Appearance

You never know. Anything is possible when it comes to this franchise.

16. When You Realized That Raven Could Still End Up In A Relationship

It would be the ultimate irony if Raven ended up with Luke Pell on BiP after going on a Bachelor season that Luke could have starred in.

17. When Vanessa Seemed Less Than Hopeful About The Relationship

This was not the reaction we were hoping for.

18. When Chris Harrison Revealed That There Were Men Present From Rachel's Season

That joint interview with Vanessa was not going well, so this would not have been too shocking.

19. When Rachel's Season Was Awkward Before It Really Started


20. When You Already Found Someone To Root For On The Bachelorette

Eric from Baltimore: our first frontrunner for Rachel's heart.

It's been the best of times. It's been the worst of times. At the very least, we can all agree that this season of The Bachelor has provided fans with plenty of Twitter material.