27 Tweets About Week 10 Of Nick's 'Bachelor' Season That Are So On Point

ABC/Michael Yada

Last week, I was beyond annoyed that The Bachelor was only one hour long. Last night, I was overwhelmed that it was three hours. Apparently, you can't win with me, but at least I wasn't the only one who was thrown off by most of what went down on Monday night. There were a lot of tweets about Week 10 of Nick Viall's Bachelor Season, which included The Women Tell All, that I'm sure many viewers could relate to.

As if watching those fantasy suite dates didn't already make me feel awkward enough, there was way too much emphasis on what went down in private between Raven Gates and Nick. As for Rachel Lindsay's date, I found it hard to care about since we all knew that she wasn't ending up with Nick, anyway. And the stubborn conversation between Nick and Vanessa just made me happy that I am single. And this was all before the (relevant) members of the cast returned for Women Tell All.

Just like the rest of the season, Corinne Olympios stole the show on Women Tell All, and we pretty much all overdosed on the Corinne vs. Taylor Nolan showdown. And, of course, women who most of us don't even remember made it a point to share their opinions and argue. After all, this special is basically an audition to be on Bachelor in Paradise and/or an attempt to acquire Instagram sponsorships.

There was obviously a lot to comment on, so let's get to the tweets.

1. When Raven Was Skipping

Raven is the cutest. I wish she was always on TV.

2. When Raven. Was. Skipping.

But while I live for Raven, the skipping montage and the insinuations that came with it were a little much.

3. When It Was Hard To Pay Attention During Rachel's Date

I'm all for Rachel being the next Bachelorette, but I just wish I didn't know the past few weeks. It was so tough trying to be invested in her time with Nick when I knew it wasn't going to last.

4. When Nick & Vanessa Talked About Moving To Canada

We were all thinking it. This is such a tough situation.

5. When It (Still) Didn't Seem Like Nick Was Totally In Love

After watching The Bachelorette, I felt like Nick would end up falling for all 30 of the contestants, but he does seem to still have a wall up.

6. When It Still Felt Wrong That Rachel Got Eliminated

Raven is my favorite, but it just didn't add up when Nick eliminated Rachel.

7. When Rachel Slipped Raven That Note

WHAT WAS IN THAT NOTE!? I just need to know. I also want to know why Vanessa didn't get one.

8. When Rachel & Vanessa Had The Most Awkward Hug

Thank god I'm not the only one who noticed this. It's was clear that these two aren't BFF. And once again, I couldn't help feeling like Rachel and Vanessa should have been in the top two.

9. When It Was So Hard To Forget That Rachel Is The New Bachelorette


10. When Corinne & Taylor Battled

We all knew this was going to happen. It was tough to watch.

11. When Corinne Continued To Dominate

How was this happening!? Never. Underestimate. Corinne.

12. When Whitney Intervened In The Corinne & Taylor Drama

Whitney was not shown enough during the season, so it was pretty surprising when she of all people was the one to intervene during this fight.

13. When Corinne Prevailed

As much as I love Corinne, I felt so bad for Taylor. She has to be so thrown off from all this.

14. When Kristina Continued To Steal Our Hearts


15. When Nick & Chris Harrison "Crashed" Viewing Parties

This was beyond awkward and totally unnecessary.

16. When "Emotional Intelligence" Was Uttered Way Too Much

If I never hear this phrase again, it will be too soon.

17. When Danielle M Slayed

She looked amazing. I bow down. I am not worthy.

18. When Josephine Rocked Dark Lipstick

She set up this '90s movie reference, so that's a win!

19. When Jospehine Was Leading #TeamCorn


20. When Lacey Confronted Nick About Getting "Friend Zoned"

Maybe he would have had a different reaction if she was sitting on a camel instead.

21. When Everyone Loved Liz

Get it, girl.

22. When Liz Secured Her Spot On BiP

I feel a redemption story coming on. I just don't want to hear the phrase "Jade and Tanner's wedding" ever again.

23. When Nick Told Rachel The Guys Would Be Lucky To Meet Her

It's clear Nick was being nice and supporting Rachel as someone who knows her firsthand, but her response was fantastic.

24. When The Ladies Were Pumped For Rachel's Entrance

The contestants had more love for Rachel during the Women Tell All than they've had for Nick all season.

25. When Alexis Was Barely On Women Tell All

Major mistake.

26. When Alexis Was Barely In The Bloopers

REALLY?! This was so unfair to the viewers. Bloopers are her thing!

27. When The Promos Continued Teasing That Nick Could End Up Alone

I would be so annoyed if that were the case. There's no way it's going to be, though.

There was so much to talk about Monday night. Thank god for the Bachelor fans tweeting up a storm to show me I'm not the only one who's this invested in the franchise.