20 Weird But Genius Things That Make Your Bathroom Way More Hygienic

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I don't care how many home-cleaning articles tell me that my kitchen is the dirtiest room in my house. The bathroom still seriously grosses me out. Thankfully, though, enough people share my beliefs here, and that means the perpetual invention of weird but genius bathroom products that make this room way more hygienic than ever before.

The even better news? Companies are implementing new and innovative technology that makes your chores as effortless and (dare I say, lazy) as ever before. With genius tools like UV lights, motorized scrubbers, and bamboo accessories, bathroom cleaning hacks have never been more simple or accessible. With fewer germs, fresher smells, and less time spent cleaning, how could you possibly lose?

The most important thing to me, however, is that the products I use for cleaning are safe and as non-toxic as possible. A bathroom soaked down with bleach may not have any germs or smells, but it's not particularly easy on the lungs or the skin, either. As a result, I'm always trying to go as natural as possible. If you're looking for weird, safe, and genius ways to keep your bathroom fresh and germ-free, check out these awesome products that people seemingly can't get enough of.

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