2017 Best Picture Mix-Up Memes & Tweets

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Just when you thought that the Oscars were predictable and boring, someone messes things up bigly. It was announced that La La Land won Best Picture, but really, Moonlight did. Everyone was shocked, and, of course Twitter has great reactions and memes to the Moonlight Oscars mix-up.

Here's what happened: Faye Dunaway, with co-presenter Warren Beatty standing beside her, announced La La Land as the Best Picture winner, and as that cast and crew were accepting the award, people in headsets, presumably the Oscars' producers and auditors, informed the La La Land producers that they didn't win, and La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz announced that Moonlight was the winner. Beatty had been given the winner's card that had Emma Stone's name on it for Best Actress, not Best Picture. Dunaway read the card and interpreted it to mean that La La Land was the Best Picture winner, and here we are. Total insanity at the Academy Awards.

The internet has the propensity to be super evil, but it also can be amazing, and it's usually during crazy times like this that it delivers its best jokes, memes, and witticisms.

Everyone was super confused and just sort of milled around on stage for a moment or two, and then the cast and crew of Moonlight came up to collect. What a complete trip for the creators of Moonlight, huh? First you're down, and then you're up, and then you just won a Best Picture Oscar in a year that was supposed to be dominated by a movie musical.

Luckily, Twitter went all in.

Some people blamed Steve Harvey (remember Miss Universe?)...

...And others were just shocked.

Some people asked for other recounts...

...And others were just happy their favorite movie won.

But Perhaps Neither Film Won...

Because The Oscars Aren't Alone In Envelope Struggles

"Extra! Extra! Read All Ab— Never mind."

The Oscars Aren't The Only Thing To Mess Up

A Year Later And Leo Still Can't Catch A Break

Some People Blamed The Russians

But despite it all, we can't forget this incredible fact:

What a ceremony! At least the four-hour-long show went out with a bang!