Here Are 28 Reporters Covering The 2020 Race That You'll Want To Follow On Twitter

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Campaigning for the 2020 presidential election has already kicked off in a big way, with multiple Democratic candidates announcing their intention to run for the nomination. As more and more news about 2020 continues to emerge, you may be wondering how to best keep track of issues and candidates. Thankfully, social media can offer some help in this area. There's a handful of 2020 campaign reporters on Twitter you can follow to stay up-to-date on all the latest political developments.

The 2020 race already has a host of candidates — and several more may still emerge. So far, the following individuals have declared their intention to run for the Democratic nomination: California Senator Kamala Harris, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Peter Buttigieg, technology entrepreneur Andrew Yang, and former Maryland Congressman John Delaney.

There's clearly a lot of people and information to keep tabs on as the 2020 race approaches. Amidst an ever-evolving news cycle, the following journalists will help offer insight into how America's presidential race is unfolding from now until Election Day.

Shawna Thomas | @Shawna

Thomas is Vice News' D.C. bureau chief. Her Twitter account offers frequent commentary on 2020 candidates and events.

Rebecca Buck | @RebeccaBuck

Buck works as a political reporter for CNN. Her Twitter profile indicates she's covering the 2020 race, with a focus on Senator Booker's presidential bid.

Brianne Pfannenstiel | @brianneDMR

Pfannenstiel works for the Des Moines Register and will be covering the 2020 Iowa caucuses, which are considered the first major presidential primary event in every presidential campaign. Pfannenstiel's feed is full of in-depth reporting on candidates' events in Iowa.

Astead W. Herndon | @AsteadWesley

Herndon is a political reporter for the New York Times. His Twitter feed features extensive commentary on current events, including news related to various 2020 candidates.

Elena Schneider | @ec_schneider

Schneider is as a national reporter for Politico. Her feed offers an in-depth look at various candidates' campaigns.

Darren Sands | @darrensands

Sands covers the 2020 race and the Democratic party for BuzzFeed News. On Twitter, he frequently reflects on 2020 candidates' campaigns.

Bo Erickson | @BoKnowsNews

Erickson is a 2020 campaign reporter for CBS. His feed usually offers a firsthand look into the halls of Congress, complete with photos and video.

Alexandra Jaffe | @ajjaffe

Jaffe, formerly of Vice News, was recently hired as an AP political reporter based in Iowa. As her new role begins on Feb. 25, Jaffe's account will likely provide dedicated coverage of how the 2020 race is unfolding in Iowa and beyond.

Jasmine Wright | @JasJWright

Wright works as a political campaign embed at CNN. She's frequently on-the-ground to cover 2020 candidates' events and her account takes a unique and personal look at their campaigns.

Laura Barrón-López | ‏@lbarronlopez

Barrón-López works for Politico and covers House campaigns and the 2020 elections. Her frequently-updated Twitter account offers insightful commentary on the 2020 race.

Pema Levy | @pemalevy

Levy is a Mother Jones reporter. Her Twitter feed features her own in-depth looks at candidates' histories, as well as frequent retweets of other political reporters.

Bakari Sellers | @Bakari_Sellers

Sellers is a CNN contributor and a former South Carolina house representative. On Twitter, he offers frequent commentary and retweets related to 2020 candidates.

Lisa Lerer | @llerer

Lerer covers politics at the New York Times. Alongside her own input, the writer's account typically curates political and campaign news from journalists via retweets.

MJ Lee | @mj_lee

Lee works for CNN as a national political correspondent. Her Twitter feed often includes live-tweeting of political events.

Asma Khalid | @asmamk

Khalid is a national political correspondent for NPR who is covering the 2020 election. She frequently shares first-person accounts of her experiences on campaign trails for candidates.

Juana Summers Markland | @jmsummers

Summers Markland covers the 2020 race for the Associated Press (AP). Her feed includes info and retweets on current events and 2020 candidates.

Hanna Trudo | @HCTrudo

Trudo is a national politics reporter at The National Journal and NJ Hotline. On Twitter, she offers regular updates on candidates' upcoming events.

Alex Burns | @alexburnsNYT

Burns works as a New York Times national political correspondent. He regularly shares 2020-related news from a variety of sources on Twitter.

Scott Detrow | @scottdetrow

Detrow covers the 2020 election for NPR. His Twitter account is regularly updated with quotes and photographs from campaign events that he's attending.

Elana Schor | @eschor

Schor works as a national political reporter for the AP, particularly focusing on Democratic candidates. Her account offers a lot of detailed coverage of candidate rallies and events, interspersed with some fun facts about candidates' pets.

Errin Haines Whack | @emarvelous

Haines Whack covers race and ethnicity and 2020 for the AP. Her frequently-updated Twitter account features coverage on a host of current events, including 2020 campaigns.

Alex Seitz-Wald | @aseitzwald

Sietz-Wald covers 2020 as a political reporter for NBC. On Twitter, he often shares his own reporting on 2020 candidates as well as retweets other campaign reporters.

Annie Linskey | @AnnieLinskey

Linksey is a national political reporter at the Washington Post. Her Twitter account typically reflects a mix of her own live-tweeting from campaign events coupled with retweets of other journalists.

Joyce Koh | @JoyceKohTV

Koh is a political video reporter at the Washington Post. She frequently shares articles from the paper covering the 2020 race and politics more broadly.

Melanie Mason | @melmason

Mason covers the 2020 race for the Los Angeles Times. Her Twitter feed offers commentary on news articles related to the presidential race.

Christopher Cadelago | @ccadelago

Cadelago covers 2020 for Politico. He usually shares updates on candidate events and features quotes from candidates on his Twitter account.

Meg Kinnard | @MegKinnardAP

Kinnard works as a political reporter for the AP. Her Twitter account is full of firsthand updates from the campaign trail.

Michael Finnegan | @finneganLAT

Finnegan works as a political reporter for the Los Angeles Times. A lot of the time, he shares and comments on the paper's articles related to the campaign.

Overall, if you're looking to get a better handle on the 2020 presidential campaign and all of its candidates, these journalists' Twitter accounts will help guide you through the process. Be sure to check out their feeds regularly for the most up-to-date information on the race for the White House.