The 5 Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends For 2020

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Engagement rings, traditionally placed on one’s left fourth digit or the ‘ring finger,’ reportedly stemmed from the Romans, who believed that your “love vein” ran from your ring finger, straight to your heart. Though gold wedding bands have been traced as far back as to the ruins of Pompeii, it was in 850 that Pope Nicholas I officially decreed that an engagement ring would represent a man’s intention to marry. Since 1947, engagement ring trends have come and gone, but the 2020 staples have more of a historical nod than ever before.

Whether art deco-inspired baguette bands or Victorian-era halo settings, 2020 engagement ring trends run the gamut, ensuring that there is something for every bride. Even colored stones are having a moment, worn recently by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton (her ring is actually an heirloom, passed down from Princess Diana). Pavé bands are seeing a resurgence as a way to add some more diamond sparkle to your center stone without breaking the bank. And vintage engagement rings are on the rise as they are the most ethically-sourced option.

Ahead, find the top 5 engagement ring trends of 2020. They're all modern takes on traditional styles, but classic enough that they will still feel just as timeless.

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Colored Stones

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Look no further than Kate Middleton to pinpoint when colored stones began their most recent rise into trend-dom. Though Middleton’s sapphire, passed down from Princess Diana, might be inspiration for many searching for the perfect ring today, the trend has actually been a classic for generations.

In fact, they date back well before diamonds became the classic engagement ring staple. With some stones more rare than even the most brilliant of diamonds, it’s a an elegant way to branch out from bright white stones.

Pavé Band

The name pavé (French for "paved") is apt as the band is quite literally paved with a diamond. Pavé bands have risen in popularity as a way to add some more diamond sparkle to your center stone without breaking the bank.

Though diamond rings of every cut, style, and size have been outfitted with the sparkly band, it’s most often a complement to a simple single-set stone.

Halo-Style Setting

Halo-style settings actually originated during the Victorian era, though the stones that surround the center-cut have more recently become smaller and more uniform. Now, it’s a way for brides-to-be to add a little extra sparkle, no matter how large or small the diamond might be.


Vintage engagement rings are on the rise, because they are arguably the most ethically sourced ring option. As the world becomes more and more aware of environmental and cultural impacts of where their purchases originate, sustainable and ethically-sourced materials extend into the world of jewelry as well. Another bonus? The history in each piece is undeniable.

Baguette-Set Band

For those looking for an option that doesn’t involve a large stone, consider a baguette-set band. It's larger and more statement-making than a pavé style, but still packs a strong punch.

Both Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn wore the engagement ring style, made popular originally during the art deco period in the 1900s.