21 2019 Movies With A High Audience Score & Low Critics Score On Rotten Tomatoes

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Rotten Tomatoes is one way audiences can decide which movies are worth seeing. The review aggregator lets potential viewers know if a movie has overall positive or negative reviews from critics. But while the most prevalent scores on the site come from reviewers, Rotten Tomatoes also features the opinions of ticket buyers, and, sometimes, there is a big difference between a movie's audience score and critics score.

There are, of course, movies that critics loved and audiences hated, but the following slideshow is for all of you who tend to trust what you hear from fellow viewers more than what you read in reviews. This slideshow features 21 movies from 2019 with a high audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, but low grade from critics.

Unfortunately, Rotten Tomatoes has not released a list of films that have the biggest discrepancies between the ratings, but just looking at this year, several movies fit the bill. Toy Story 4? Everyone loved it. The Lion King remake? Not so much.

If you're interested in learning about past movies that have huge differences between their audience and critic ratings — in both directions — you can check out The Guardian's 2013 analysis of the Rotten Tomatoes data of 10,000 movies. The honor of the biggest divide went to movie the 1986 BMX movie Rad. (Granted, its 0% from critics only comes from the five reviews on the site, but most of the 7,000 viewers who rated it really love it.)

To see which movies fans loved this year — but critics not so much — keep clicking. You may have to put some films you previously disregarded back on your watch list.

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