21 'Bachelor In Paradise' Tweets Prove This Blake Drama Is Next Level, Even For 'Bach' Nation

John Fleenor/ABC

Drama is expected to happen on a show like Bachelor in Paradise, but very rarely is it so narrowly focused on one specific person. Yet, as evidenced by all of the Bachelor in Paradise tweets about Blake from over the past two days, his prior relationships with some of his fellow Bach alums is quickly becoming the one and only thing fans are discussing.

Some may feel that Blake is being unfairly judged since he is single and wasn't in a committed relationship with Kristina or Caelynn — two women he had sex with at Stagecoach on back-to-back evenings. Others may think he intentionally led them on, allowing them to believe it could turn into something more. Then there are those who may have generally been on Blake's side until he opted to release private text messages he'd had with Caelynn, feeling that it was an unnecessary invasion of her privacy. Some may have felt the exact opposite, disagreeing with his previous actions, but understanding why he felt the need to help clarify things and defend his character. (Bustle reached out to Blake for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.)

Unlike with everything that happened with Luke P., it's hard to simply label Blake as a clear-cut villain. There are many factors that played into this series of events and not everything can be easily proven. But whether you're Team Blake or Team Caelynn, one thing's for sure — it's pretty much the only thing fans are talking about.

1. Blake's Facial Expressions Speak Volumes

Try as he might to proclaim ignorance on hurting Caelynn and Kristina, the facial expressions he made upon each of their arrivals tells a slightly different story.

2. Chris Harrison Has All The Tea

The fact that Harrison pretended to be shocked upon hearing about Blake's flings prior to Paradise proves that the show is underutilizing his talents. Someone get this guy an Emmy, STAT!

3. When You Realize Wells Is All Of Us

Wells usually has some solid advice for his fellow Bach alums, but this mess is a doozy and one that even this lovable bartender isn't quite sure how to handle.

4. 'BiP' Relationships, As Told By Disney

He may have been the god of the underworld, but Hades really hit the concept of interpersonal relations on the head, didn't he?

5. Of All The Ways You Thought You'd Use Math IRL, This Was Not One Of Them

This is the face of someone who knows that this math is going to come back to haunt him and soon.

6. Chris Harrison: Host Or Puppet Master?

This is actually Chris Harrison's world and we're all just lucky enough to be living in it.

7. It's Hard Not To Relish In All The Drama

Despite how much you claim it doesn't matter and that it's just a silly show, it's impossible not to become invested in these people's lives, whether it's watching them fall in love or crash and burn.

8. Live Footage Of You Spiraling Down The Reality TV Rabbit Hole

The sequence of events may be a little difficult to follow at times, but that's not going to stop you from trying to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

9. Kristina Refuses To Let Blake Be Dean 2.0

Poor Kristina had her heart broken by Dean on more than one occasion in Paradise, so it's nice to see her standing up for herself this season and demanding to be treated the way she deserves.

10. When Your Favorite Girl Group Assembles

Just when you think Avengers: Endgame introduced the greatest team-up of all time, BiP comes in out of nowhere and says "Hold my beer, it's time for John Tucker Must Die the sequel."

11. Is This The Male Mantra Of 2019?

Granted, Blake's situation is different from Jed's in many ways, but it's hard not to notice the parallels of their defense.

12. Meanwhile, The Female Mantra Of 2019:

Someone put this Kristina quote on a T-shirt ASAP. Those babies will pretty much sell themselves, to be honest.

13. When Your Burns Are Just Too Good

Some may find it hard to pull off a scathing retort that is also legitimately funny, and yet Kristina manages to do it with ease. Bow down to your Queen of Sass.

14. The Moment You Realize You're Popular AF

This is basically the social media equivalent of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, right?

15. Actions, Meet Consequences

Blake knew they were both going to be on the show, right? How else did he envision this playing out?

16. The FOMO Struggle Is Real

When it comes to watching reality TV, multitasking isn't a skill, it's a state of mind.

17. Trying To Follow Blake's Logic Like...

Much like the limit in Mean Girls, the logic doesn't seem to exist.

18. The Only Texts That Really Matter

Blake may have shared some of his texts with Caelynn, but honestly, this is the only conversation viewers actually want to read.

19. And The Twists Just Kept On Coming

Cam and Caelynn isn't the couple we were expecting, but maybe they're the couple we deserve?

20. Ah, The Memories

Despite all the drama, though, sometimes real love can come out of the woodwork.

21. When You Feel Left Out, But In A Good Way

We can all probably agree that no one will ever think of Stagecoach the same way ever again.