This Season's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Love Triangle Is Already Getting Messy


History between contestants never fares well on Bachelor in Paradise. Caelynn and Blake landed in Mexico with a lot of unaddressed tension that's now boiling over, and it looks like it's only going to get worse. In an effort to save his reputation, Blake wanted to keep his past with Caelynn a secret, but Caelynn let the cat out of the bag on night one. And when she arrived, Kristina Schulman helped stoke the proverbial fire.

Caelynn was defeated and disappointed when Blake got the first date card and took Tayshia to dinner, so she vented to Wells the bartender about their past. She said they talked about skipping Paradise and "coming out as us," before he completely ghosted her. Until they met up at the Stagecoach music festival, hooked up again, and he admitted to sleeping with Kristina not even 24 hours before. Now, both women are on a mission to let everyone know what went down.

Even before she entered the gate to Paradise, Kristina told Chris Harrison what happened, and warned him of what could follow. “If he’s here, I’m going to be having a conversation with him," she said. And when she walked down the stairs, Blake's face said it all.

He admitted to having dated her for a few months, but ultimately said he was glad to see her. Naturally, to stir the pot, Kristina was given a date card and asked Blake out on a date. She needed some one-on-one time to have that talk. "I honestly thought he would have a little bit more respect," she said. "So today, I'm going to make Blake my b*tch."

Meanwhile, Caelynn was worried sick about what the two could be discussing. When she and Blake started chatting pre-Paradise, she said he had told her he ended things with Kristina, that they were "totally over." Caelynn later found out that that wasn't the case. “I get it, explore your options," she said. "But also like, respect me."

Blake accepted Kristina's date offer and thinks he's going on a nice date to catch up since they "mutually," according to him, broke off their relationship. Little does he know, he's in for a rude awakening. And so is the rest of the beach, including Tayshia.

Tayshia said she had a great time with Blake on their date, but according to previews for the next episode, she gets word of his sleeping around and might call things off. Then it looks like he moves on to Hannah G., whose interest was piqued by Blake from the beginning. She was very attracted to him and they hit it off as the first two on the beach, so it may be more difficult for her to accept his troubling past choices.

Not to mention, after being disappointed when she didn't receive Blake's date card, Hannah ended up making out with Dylan, who has already admitted to only having eyes for her. That means there could be not only one love triangle, but two on this season of Paradise. And if they progress as fast things did on night one, you may have to break out your geometry books to continue defining them.