21 Gifts To Get Your Brother For The Holidays That Aren’t Just New Socks

There were probably days when you wished you had a sister instead of a brother. But most of the time, I'm sure, your brother was less of a Billy from Stranger Things and more of a Jonathan. Because of those good sibling times, there are plenty of choices for the best gift for your brother that he'll definitely be into. Whether it's sentimental or the kind of gag gift that's sure to make him laugh but confuse your parents, you'll definitely be getting a hug this holiday.

Brothers may seem hard to shop for, but they're really not. That's because they'll low-key admire anything you get for them. Whether they're younger, older or your twin they've always looked out for and up to you. Even though this is sure to be a win-win present exchange, you still want to put some thought into it.

There's an array of options available for all types of brothers. (Because you can't just generalize brothers as a whole.) Whether he's in to computers or games or whiskey or make-up, there's something perfect for you to wrap in candy-cane dotted present paper for him. Your parents will definitely weep at this showcase of sibling love. But, bonus points if you make him tear up.

Cotton Euro Sham

Euro Cotton Sham, $25, Loomstead

Your brother doesn't even know he wants this. That's how good of a present this Euro Cotton Sham is. What seems like an ordinary bedroom accessory is actually a life-changer. Once this sham is stuffed with a plush insert it becomes so much more than just another pillow. This sham is to a bed as the cherry is to a sundae. The soft cotton makes for an excellent cuddle companion on those nights when you just can't get comfortable. And it can used as a meditation perch. Whichever way your brother chooses to utilize it, an abundance of zen will be brought to his life.

Night Runner Headlights

Night Runner Headlights, $60, Uncommon Goods

You care about your brothers safety, obviously. And if he chooses to run after work to keep those endorphins pumping as the sun starts to set at 4:30 p.m., you'll want him to wear more than a neon reflector. These lights help your marathoning sibling see where they're stepping to avoid all possible hazards. Your mom will probably be happy to go splitsies on this gift with you, to be honest.

Lomography Simple Use Black + White Film Disposable Camera

Lomography Simple Use Black + White Film Disposable Camera, $20, Urban Outfitters

If your brother's Instagram game is better than yours, give him the tools he needs to further capture moments and followers. This camera is the ultimate throwback Thursday with, bringing the picture quality back to the '90s. Ideally, he'll want to use this camera right away and your family will get some seriously good pictures to use for next year's holiday card.

Baconology Kit

Baconology Kit, $25, Man Crates

Give your brother the gift of better bacon. In this package, he'll get everything he needs to turn cooking into more of an experiment. And who knows, maybe he'll share what he's learned.

Harry Potter House Robes

Harry Potter House Robes, $50, ThinkGeek

First of all, bathrobes are a necessity and everyone deserves one. Second, if you don't already know what house your brother would be in, now is your chance to play the role of sorting hat. Though, if you're getting him a Harry Potter bathrobe, he probably has made his chosen house known by now.

Beer Opening Glass

Beer Opening Glass, $12, Uncommon Goods

Maybe it was your brother who taught you all those cool tricks about how to open a beer. You know, using a lighter and your teeth, amongst other don't try this at home stunts to crack into a bottle. Thank him with this beer opening glass. It's the more sophisticated way to open a bottle when your sleek bottle opener is lost again.

adidas Originals Relaxed Baseball Hat

adidas Originals Relaxed Baseball Hat, $25, Urban Outfitters

As independent and confident as your brother may be, he still probably cares about your fashion opinion. Because don't all siblings rely on each other's style advice? That's why any piece of clothing you give him will be accepted with gratitude. Keep it cool with an adidas baseball hat.

Step-by-Step Contour Kit

Step-by-Step Contour Kit, $35, smashbox

If your brother is a contour genius, he'll probably love this kit. Also, can he teach me how to contour so I can stop pretending to know what I'm doing?

Gin And Tonic Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Gin and Tonic Carry On Cocktail Kit, $24, Uncommon Goods

If your brother is constantly traveling, make sure he's equipped with his spirits in the sky.

Kraut Kit

Kraut Kit, $35, Anthropologie

Perhaps your brother conquered the beer kit and all the other kits he took interest in. But I bet he has yet to conquer kraut. Here he'll get to learn more about fermentation — which is sure to fuel future conversations.

Agate Coffee Scoop

Agate Coffee Scoop, $16, Anthropologie

Is your brother particular about his morning brew? Make his process a little prettier with this agate coffee scoop. It'll spruce up the routine of making coffee for himself and start the day on a positive note. Beginning each day with this sophistication can only bring good things throughout the rest of his day.

LuminAID PackLite Nova USB Solar Lantern

LuminAID PackLite Nova USB Solar Lantern, $20, REI

Even if your brother is now a big-time outdoorsy camper, you remember the time he had to sleep with a night light. Gift him the security of light as he spends time in the vast, dark forest.

Wild Man Grooming Kit

Wild Man Grooming Kit, $60, Uncommon Goods

By giving your brother a kit of scents you're not only helping his overall hygiene out, you're basically upgrading his dating game. This is what you should give him if you really, finally want a sibling-in-law.

Nintendo Controller iPhone 7 Case

Nintendo Controller iPhone 7 Case, $15, Box Lunch

If your brother hums the Mario tune on a regular basis, he'll probably be psyched to cover his phone in a retro Nintendo controller.

Hard Cider Making Kit

Hard Cider Making Kit, $40, Uncommon Goods

This cider kit will teach your brother how to make more than just beer and kombucha. It's easy enough to set up in a small kitchen and will bring the best of micro-brewing. The best part is that your brother can keep his day job as making cider is mostly just letting nature run its course.

23andMe Ancestry Kit

Ancestry Kit, $99, 23andMe

This at-home, extremely thorough DNA ancestry test will tell you everything you never knew about your relatives and where they came from. Kits start at $99.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Pure White

Essenza Mini Pure White Nespresso, $149, Nespresso

Not only is it Nespresso's smallest machine (good for tiny kitchens), it's also super affordable ($149). This sleek kitchen addition will spruce up your brother's cooking space in a chic fashion.

Learn To Fly

Learn to Fly, $152, Cloud9 Living

Give the gift of experiences this holiday season. If your brother has it all or is of the stubborn type to refuse putting a list together, surprise him with something that'll make his jaw drop. A day spent learning how to fly is relatively affordable at $152. There is a multitude of other experiences depending on your area that can all be found thanks to Cloud9 Living.

XINDA Huge Screen Video Projectors

XINDA Huge Screen Video Projector, $60, Amazon

This projector brings the movie theater to your brother's living room. Upgrade his movie viewings, but just make him promise to invite you over.

Kinkajou Bottle Cutting Kit

Kinkajou Bottle Cutting Kit, $50, The Grommet

Who needs to buy glassware when you can turn your beer and wine bottles into it? Your brother might get inspired to start a candle votive business on Etsy with all of the crafts he can now make with recycled beer bottles. Congratulations on awakening the artist in him.

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Hiker Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Hiker Medical Kit, $25, REI

Be a good sibling and look out for your brother's well-being. If he's getting into more strenuous hikes, now is the time to send him your literal best with a medical kit that will keep him in his best condition on the trails.

Happy holidays!